If you are new to Windows 10 then you will probably be thinking what features this operating system has stored for you.

Windows 10 is not one thing, it is an interwoven patchwork of features which is built on other features. It is like tracing back to when the operating system first started to test the operating system.

The software is so much complex that there are many tricks and UI establishments that many people do not yet. This problem can happen when you have not used Windows 10 for all these years and still using Windows 7 or the other reason can be that you have not used Windows 10 or searched Windows 10  from inside. If you have not made the jump from Windows 7 to 10 then this is the right time to do so.

If you have not considered Windows 10 as your favourite operating system till now, so we have compiled so useful tricks for you that will help you reconsider your favouritism for Windows and it might get you to switch for Windows 10 from 7. 

There are some people that are attracted to Windows 10 from the start and some are switching now because of the features that Windows 10 is offering them. Windows 10 experience is unique and not everyone has gone through this experience so we recommend you to have this experience because this will give you the awareness of how an up to date operating system works and what types of features they have given into this software.

The recent update of Windows 10 came into May and this update came with a bunch of new features and removed some old features that were not in used by the majority and some features were updated to there dating so you can use them as they are plus, they came up with a bunch of other stuff in the same features that were before in the operating system. 

So let us begin with the 20 tricks that Windows 10 have made hidden for you so you can find them and use them.

1. Secret Start Menu

If you want the Windows 10 old menu back then it already has the feature to make your old start menu back into existence. All you have to do is right-click on the windows icon that is at your left bottom corner, a jump menu will come out which will be having some familiar popular destinations that you are aware of, all these options that you were seeing in the jump menu are also available through the standard menu interface, but this is the easy way and a quick way to access these features.

2. Show desktop button

The desktop button that is a hidden trick is date back to Windows 7 but it is kind of handy still now. There is a secret button on your bottom right corner if you do not see it look closely. You will find a small little silver button. If you click this it will minimize all your Windows and and will bring you to the desktop.

3. Shake

This feature actually debuted in Windows 7 but many people do not recognise it or they even do not know anything about it. If you have a display full of windows and if you want to clear the clutter then simply navigate your mouse cursor to the top right corner of Window, hold the right button of the mouse and shake it till it gets minimized.  If you want to make Windows reappear then shake the mouse cursor again, all the Windows will open again.

4. Rotate your screen

If you want to use multiple displays on a screen and want to do multitasking then Windows 7 and 10 allows you to do such things. The quickest way to do this and make your multiple screens appear is to press Ctrl + Alt + D and any of the arrows. The arrows will function as the down arrow will flip the screen upside down, the left and the right arrow will make it a 90-degree switch and the up arrow will bring your screen back to the standard orientation from where you started from. 

5. Enable slide to shutdown

This trick is not so useful and probably is not worth the effort. If you still want to enable it, right-click on the desktop and select New and then select Shortcut. A pop-up window will appear and then paste this code into that window. 


6. Enable God mode

If you want to have access to all your features or want the access of PC’s nitty-gritty then you should enable your God mode. For this, you have to right-click on the desktop and select New and after select folder.  The folder that you have select rename the folder with this code.


After that, you just have to double click on the folder and go nuts.

  1. Right-click on tiles

If you want to get access on the tiles quickly then just right-click on them, popup window will open or you can say it a menu. The menu will give you the various option that will unpin your tile, pin your tile, move your tile, remove your tile, make your tile live or can make your live tile off and can resize your windows. 

8. Right-click on the taskbar

If you want to access quickly on some features this will do it for yours. It is a very handy trick, you just have to right-click on the taskbar and you can have quick access to your toolbar, Cortana and window schemes. Ther are many other things as well and it is just a click away from you. 

  1. Drag to pin windows

This feature is an old feature that was introduced in Windows 7 but it has upgraded in Windows 10. 

You just have to grab any window to the side and it will pin to the screen and will cover the half screen. In windows 10 you have an option to drag the window at any corner and pin it to the screen.

  1. Quickly jump between the virtual desktop

Do you like multitasking on your PC? In Windows 10 you have access to the virtual desktop. And Microsoft just discovers something out of the box lately. 

If you want to try it you will have to click on the task view, this will separate all your open windows and will make your apps into icons. After that you can drag any of them where it says new desktop so it can be open on a new desktop. Hence, you will have two desktops after that and then you can easily multitask. 

11. Make your command prompt window transparent

This feature is most likely to use by only some of the users that are narrow niche users. Although if you want to dig you virtual fingers into the inside of windows settings via command prompt then Windows 10 will provide another way to access all the files and this will be a ghostly way to do this.

12. Show notifications with focus assist

This feature is an old feature which goes by the name Quiet Hours in the past. This feature was redesigned after the April 2018 update. This update is called focus assist, this will give you the access of all the notifications that you pursue on your system.

13. Nearby sharing

This feature lets you share the file directly with nearby devices. This is similar to Apple’s Airdrop works. If you want to pull this trick then click the share icon atop of the document or the Picture toolbar that will open the panel, after that click on turn on nearby sharing to see if any nearby recipients are in range or not.

14. Mixed reality viewer

Windows 10 has introduced their own 3D viewer that allows you to play with 3D models, it will help you create a 3D model like in paint 3D and will help you in the edit as well. If you want to play with 3D then this feature can help you to level up but you will need Mixed reality viewer for this and if you do not have one you can contact Microsoft to help you get it.


We hope that these tricks help you understand Windows 10 more and help you get attracted as these features are more likely to be used and can be beneficial in the future. If you want to read more exciting articles on Windows 10 or want to read other articles that refer to this article then click on the link below.