Pranks are best done when your victims least expect them.  April Fools’ Day is a more traditional time when people accept when receiving jokes. Still, you should try extra harder because people already see the tricks coming. Plus, it only happens once a year! How about the rest of 364 days of the year? The good news is that pranks are not only perfect during April Fools’! It can happen anywhere and at any time of the year as long as you prepare yourself well enough to pull it off at the right timing! 

Because we want you to have fun at any time of the year, we listed down five special occasions/gatherings where you can best pull pranks and what pranks to pull!

1.  Birthdays – Birthday Prank Calls

Birthdays are that one day of the year when someone feels extra special. What better way to show someone you mean a lot on their special day than make an effort to make them smile? Prank calls are perfect, especially if the birthday celebrant is an easy-going person that can take hardcore jokes. All you need to do is just install a prank call app on your phone, and you will know what to do with its convenient interface. Our favorite out of all the prank calling apps is Ownage Pranks’ prank call app. Why? Because they are perfectly designed for the deed, and they are so much fun! 

You can choose from a wide selection of amazingly written premade scripts from Ownage Pranks. These are performed by professional actors playing roles from their diverse selection of available characters. All you need to do is give the celebrant’s number and listen as the pranking unfolds. Plus, the memorable prank call records are for you to keep because they record the ownage for you! However, if you think they are too sensitive to handle something as epic as this, then you might want to go easy on the pranks. You know them best, and besides, the main goal is to make them feel special and not make them feel bad.

2.  Sleepovers – Baby Oil on Toes

Sleepovers are one exciting get-together to have with friends. This is where you can see each other drool or fart in their sleep. After a series of activities like movie marathons, binge-eating, or sharing juicy stories – many of you will eventually get tired and end the night by putting the “sleep” in a sleepover. But not if you are the group’s prankster! 

Pick a friend to do this prank on. Preferably someone who is a medium sleeper – someone who wouldn’t sense what other people do to them but aren’t too lost in the dreamland at the same time. You need this kind of sleeper because you will be messing with their subconscious. Evil, isn’t it? All you need to do is lightly apply baby oil on your victim’s toes while sleeping. Sounds too simple? Wait until you see them rub their toes together in an attempt to remove the baby oil countless times throughout the night. This is a slow-burn trick that messes with their subconscious. Just make sure they won’t have anything important planned the next day because they may need more sleep after this. Otherwise, it would be such a treat to watch them sleep so uncomfortably. *Grins*

3.  Halloween – Scream Mask

“Halloween” pranks don’t always need to involve lots of fake blood and fake insides. First of all, that’s a lot of work and a lot of mess. And secondly, a good prank won’t need too much – especially when you know it is already one of the weirdest days of the year where everyone looks fun, scary, or even eccentric. Sometimes all you need is a mask from the classic film Scream and access to your victim’s bedroom. 

How do you pull off this prank, you ask? First, wear the mask, preferably under a hoodie or a white blanket. Next is to wait for the ideal timing in the middle of the night to do the trick. This will serve as the cherry on top of that year’s Halloween. Remember to do this when they are already asleep. Lastly, silently enter their room and tickle their face to wake them up. Make sure to inch your face closer to your victim’s for added measure. When they open their eyes a little, start letting out your most blood-curdling scream! If you can, Watch their priceless reaction that both of you will surely remember for years to come!

But remember, you know your friend best, so make sure only to do this prank when you are confident that it will not cause any serious trouble. Scaring could be a fun gimmick, but at the end of the day – the burst of wholesome and unproblematic laughter is what we are after. 

4.  House Parties – Skittles, M&M’s, and Reese’s Pieces  Surprise!

Unless you have all the time in the world, it would be too much labor if you are hosting a party while also making an elaborate prank on the side. If you still want to mess with your guests like the prank master you are, you can still do so by doing something simple. Since you will be offering them food and drinks, it would be easy to mess with their tastebuds! Try mixing Skittles, M&M’s, and Reese’s Pieces in a bowl and leave it out where people could easily see and mindlessly take from it. Well, it’s pretty obvious. These things have contrasting flavors. A chocolatey or peanut-buttery experience won’t prepare their taste buds for chewy and tangy skittles! It may not be as elaborate as the previous pranks. Still, hey, you have to make do with a complicated and overwhelming situation!

5.  At-home Engagement Parties – Celebrity Relative

Engagements parties don’t happen often, and they also don’t typically occur once a year! It is a perfect occasion for people to get all sappy and take a look around your house for some clues about the kind of family you have. As they look around the framed walls,  it would be fun to add a framed picture of a famous person in your living room. The rarer the image looks, the more believable it is. Have a picture of Billie Eilish is one of your living room picture frames or even George Clooney! You may photoshop these celebrities’ faces with an old family photo if you feel extra. Make sure to act humbly when someone notices this – like it’s no big deal to be related to these people!

Any light-hearted occasion is a good occasion to mess with family and friends! You can use our ideas for the next occasion you are going to attend to make the event more interesting! 

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