We’ve finally reached the year 2020, and today’s tech culture is on the rise everywhere you look. In embracing the times, what better way is there than to enjoy some of the coolest techie products and accessories coming out right now?

Which of these are some of the best wares to lookout for in 2020? You really can’t go wrong with the following, five techie accessories, great for virtually any tech-head in the 2020 era.

Item Finder

For matters of security and location, today’s item finders are a great techie accessory everyone should consider. Simply place one of these small tracking devices discreetly on or in an item you’d like to keep track of, and you’re all set. The Cube Shadow is one of our favorites in this line due to its low profile design, range, and its mobile finder app’s efficacy.

Emergency Power Bank

One thing all of our devices have in common is the need for power. There’s nothing worse than running out of battery right when you need it the most. This problem can be easily avoided nowadays, however, with one of the market’s great emergency battery bank products. With these relatively small devices, one can charge a whole host of electronic devices at a moment’s notice and without connection to a wall outlet. Even cooler, some emergency banks today also double as emergency car battery chargers, so your vehicle isn’t even left out of consideration.

Custom Phone Case Skin

So much of our current times and culture are about self-expression and the customization of nearly everything possible in the pursuit of that goal. Mixing some really cool customization options with one of our most important devices, the cell phone, takes things to the next level, and today’s phone case skins help to do just that. Mighty Skins is a favorite due to the quality of the skins and their complete customizability.

Virtual Personal Assistant

Virtual personal assistants are starting to pop up everywhere these days and for good reason. These all-in-one hubs work through voice interaction and can also connect to virtually any device in your home or business, making automation a very real and convenient possibility. Google’s home and Amazon’s Alexa are among the leading providers of these awesome tech devices right now.

Fitness Tracker

Finally, fitness trackers represent yet another, great addition to any techie’s accessory collection in 2020. Simply strap on one of these watch-like devices, and you’ll be connected to real-time activity tracking and even full networks of other people involved in much of the same fitness activities. Enjoy friendly competition or just compare user stats for an idea of personal performance – the choice is yours with these handy gadgets.