Telegram messenger is a old and not so updated application. Time has changed and people tend to rely on many other applications and software. Which are specifically designed to support the need of communication.
Telegram is not as useless a lot of people love this application, but the issue is the available people on this site and application. Not many people know about this application. No doubt telegram messenger can be an instant messaging application. With a number of opportunities this is the high time to delete telegram application. You can switch to other applications but before moving to any other messenger make sure that it is secure for personal use.
Android and IOs phones most of the time have got similar options but some apps such as face time are not for android users. However the purpose of all these applications is connectivity in its fullest.
It is a best alternative as it provides all the necessary connectivity and sharing options. Most of the people are able to run businesses through this application.
There is an option of business group, which means that you can promote your business. You can secure your chats through chat encryption options. The video calls like viber and imo is exceptional.
The most distinguishing feature of this application is the statuses. There is an option of hiding and showing your status to a particular group of people. Here you can have the options of backup and cloud storage. Telegram does not have this option.
At viber it is an ultimate encryption phenomenon. You do not have to worry about the security of your account and chats, each and every kind of conversation. There is another option of playing games on viber, this feature is not available at any other communication application or messenger.
You can make international calls without any interruption. this is an exceptional application for those who are doing some international businesses.
Google allo
Google allo will be released soon this year. It has been created with the word features such as changing the chat font sizes etc. it ahs got every single feature you would wish in a messenger. It has also got some features of automatic replies.
These replies can be generated and saved, thus making your application a cool messenger for you.
This is another option with excellent end to end encryption. People can create polls. This messenger application is basically created for business purposes. Where the business man can create polls for getting ideas about a particular issue.
Governments and NGOs can also use it for multiple purposes. It is not a free application you might need to pay some bucks fir getting the access. Some features are locked and will only function after the upgradation.
Signal messenger
It is another featured messenger application which is cosponsored by facebook. It has got every necessary messaging feature. However it does not offer support and pack features as they were in telegram.