As per recent research by Global Market Insights, AI wearable technology will reach a market of 180 billion dollars by 2025! But why so? You see, with the constant improvements in functionality and designs, Artificially Intelligent wearable devices are becoming a source of convenience for customers. Artificially Intelligent wearables hold the ability to enhance capabilities of today’s devices – making them smarter – and improving lifestyles altogether.

Medical Consultation

These smart wearables can detect abnormality and report to a consulting physician immediately. If not a physician, these wearables can refer you to an artificially intelligent doctor. One example includes AI developer Halfcode, which makes smart glasses for the visual and hearing disabled. These artificially intelligent glasses  combine a neural network and deep learning algorithms with smart wearable technology to help those affected regain their independence.

Sports and Wellness

With smart assistants such as Siri by Apple and Alexa by Google, in neck to neck competition, the wearable technology is in trend. With these intelligent, custom assistants, consumers can actually excel in their tasks while improving their routines. These AI assistants work on the basis of performance analytics to take care of the health and fitness of the user. The real-time audio, along with visual feedbacks, contributes to improved performance and reduced injuries in individuals.

Improvement in Security

With people moving towards healthier lifestyles, artificial intelligence is now catering security requirements as well. Using sensors, GPS, and 3rd party APIs, you can now use these wearablse to control locks, lights, and sockets of your own home. You can also install cameras controlled by these watches to keep a look at the outer world. What’s more is, in case of any unusual activity, these watches send alert notices immediately.

Better Healthcare

Using data-driven analytics, Artificial Intelligence enabled technologies have gone above and beyond to improve not only life quality but also extend the lifespan of humans. AI smart wearable plays a crucial role in monitoring the health of individuals. Not only are these wearables fast but also very accurate. A patient who has asthma, for example, can ensure that air service is available near him.

Gaming World

With companies using AI in every domain, gaming has come face to face with revolutionized experience. Now you can wear VR glasses and actually fight with your enemy in real-time. You can also enjoy a thrilling roller coaster ride while just sitting in the comfort of your home! Apart from that, golfers can take service of personal AI assistants to check weather conditions, understand courses, and make better decisions based on data driven from past experience.

Final Words

Nobody can deny the revolution that Artificial Intelligence technology has stirred in a very short span of time. These smart technology wearable offer a variety of services at very affordable rates. Keeping the few drawbacks in view, AI is still a miracle solution for people to step up their living.