Artificial intelligence services are growing in popularity. About 15% of enterprises are using AI in their daily operations, and 31% of them said that it is on the list of agendas of their company as part of their plan.

Business leaders in the past believed that AI services are going to be fundamental in the future. In fact, the majority of them termed it as a “business advantage.”

Machines haven’t taken over the world yet. However, they are slowly creeping into our daily lives. Scientists are finding countless ways on how to use them both in our homes and our industries.

Uses of AI

Artificial Intelligence is nowhere close to perfection. Scientists and engineers have not yet reached the point where they can mimic the way humans think and make decisions. All they can do is imitate how we speak and how we move. An accurate AI system is one that can learn on its own.

Although quantum computers proved to be beneficial to humans, they carry with them some inherent risks. What happens when they take over the internet? The security of our online resources and information would be compromised.

At present, AI services are integrated into many of the daily tasks performed by humans in their homes and offices. Here are some of the companies that have used AI.


Alexa is Amazon’s brainchild. It is designed to be the smart home’s hub. The ability of Alexa to decipher speech has made it a revolutionary product. Homes are now safer because of Alexa. No individual can enter your home if its voice is not in the machine’s database.


This is the best car model ever designed. The car has a self-automated system that controls the vehicle’s every movement. It is equipped with an auto-drive feature and a predictive recognition algorithm that can copy the way you drive your car.


This AI was initially designed by Joshua Feast and Dr. Sandy Pentland. Cogito is an excellent example of an AI that has behavioral adaptation which improves the emotional intelligence of customer representatives who are part of the market today. The company fuses behavioral science and machine learning to create a plan to enhance the performance of phone professionals.


This is a company co-founded by Dave O’Flanagan that relies heavily on machine learning to improve the travel experience of its clients. Through the data gathered, the AI creates ‘micro-moments’ that delight the customers of the company.

John Paul

John Paul is a luxury travel company that uses AI in the predictive algorithms of existing client interactions. The data gathered helps identify the client’s desires and needs on an acute level. This would help the company in its daily operations.

The truth is AI is a big help to our existence. It is continually evolving and is being innovated. Soon, computers will be smarter than they are today and will perform just like humans. This is why most businesses rely on AI technology. Quantum computers can perform complex calculations and solve mathematical problems that are difficult for humans. They can predict events based on algorithms.