According to the reports, Facebook would agree to review all the information that it provides to marketers with new and more detailed data measurement. Less than 15 days after Procter & Gamble, the biggest advertising company in America criticized the lack of plainness provided by the digital advertising platforms.

The social network was also reported to provide various options to the marketers for buying the video ads this year. The changes were announced by Facebook after the chief brand officer Marc S. Pritchard demanded that the digital ad industry grows up by criticizing the different platforms including YouTube and Facebook that define whether an advertisement has been viewed and lack of sources used to calculate the digital ad presentation.

The marketers will be paid if their ad is viewed completely till the end and if the volume was on. The nonprofit media rating council will be examining the accuracy of the information that the social network gives to the marketers. The technology has let the advertisers to “setup where no creative has been before at high speed,” that has led to worse advertising along with even worst viewing experience, as said by Mr. Pritchard at a conference by the Interactive Advertising Bureau on Jan 29.

As per Mr. Pritchard, they have spent most of their time in research in order to analyze the differences between Twitter, Pandora, YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat and other such platform. He further added that everyone is on different social media platform and most of them are doing the same thing, it’s like playing football for different clubs. But point is which is club is most popular. In this case advertiser will see which platform is most popular so that they can put their advertisement in that platform only.

He also stated that as a part of a struggle to change the situation, Procter & Gamble will be accepting the Media Rating Council standard on viewing the ads and also working with the third-party data measurement companies that are attributed to the group. He stated, if some companies don’t obey then they can lose their business with the team. Procter & Gamble along with brands like Gillette, Crest, and Charmin is the biggest advertiser in the USA. It spent about $2.4 billion in the marketing last year.

Facebook, in its Friday post, stated that the company will be providing new data on display ads to the marketers including the nanoseconds that they appear on the screen. The options to buy the video ads will include, “two-second buying” where more than half of the video pixels are in view for more than two seconds that Facebook agrees to note with the video standard of Media Rating Council.

Facebook has nearly made a profit of about $27.6 billion in the last year just from advertising and trying its best to convince the marketers and get the faith back since September 2016 when it had apologized for overdoing the video viewership.

At last Mr. Pritchard said that, Facebook is the one of the largest media player in the industry and its action on media transparency is most positive step.