Are you moving to Hong Kong along with your family? This article is for foreign nationals moving to the city, especially if you are searching for the top international schools in Hong Kong. Finding the right school can get daunting without any prior knowledge. Let us have a look at what our experts consider the best of the best.

Let us have a look.

Anfield School

The Anfield, a Catholic school, and there are primary schools as well as kindergarten located at Hung Hom, Tai Wai, and Kowloon Tong. The curriculum is the adopted English national one as per the rules of international schools, but the second language taught is Putonghua.

Carmel School

The Carmel International is a Jewish school, and there are students in classes from pre-K to Standard 12. The school boasts of three different campuses and is located in the Shau Ken Wan. According to the age, you can select the Elementary, Pre-school, and high school.

American International

If you are looking for a standard of education that mirrors the American education system, then this is the choice for you. There are outdoor program facilities, camping, overseas trips, as well as leader programs. However, keep in mind that credits concerning Advanced Placement Course are required to gain admission.

Chinese International School

The Chinese International is situated on the Braemer Hill and is school which deals with two languages; viz. English and Cantonese. Chinese International has the highest number of students, around 1500 from all over the world.

Australian International School

The Australian International School in Hong Kong is the ideal choice for kids between the reception and the 12th year. There are broad ranges of choice available to move into tertiary educational careers. Students can even gain the IB diploma or the International Baccalaureate.

Christian Alliance International School

At the Christian Alliance, Chinese studies are compulsory until standard 9th. Students can access the facilities from preparatory to 12th standard. Additionally, there is a chance of applying for the Alberta Diploma Program.

Discovery College

The Discovery College is under the administration of the ESF and is a certified IB world school. This means there are courses and programs that include the primary years, middle years as well as a Diploma program. You can even go for specialist physical education courses.

Discovery Mind

The Discovery Mind is extremely popular in Hong Kong with over 700 students from across 30 countries. The kids enjoy an eclectic and exciting mix of cultures, age, and customs. There are kindergartens, play centers, and primary schools. There are five campuses spread over the Tung Chung and the Discovery Bay.

Delia School of Canada

The Delia international school is highly sought after by Canadian immigrants. There are provisions for the Ontario and the Alberta program accommodating around 1200 students annually.

This is not all, as there are other options available as well that include the following,

  • Korean International School
  • Harrow International School Hong Kong
  • Japanese International School
  • Renaissance College
  • Think International School
  • German Swiss International School
  • International College Hong Kong
  • Hong Kong International School
  • Norwegian International School

When it the about international schools in Hong Kong, you are spoilt for choice, so make sure you make the right one for your children. All the best!