Every company will need a good-quality network switch these days. This tool holds an very important role in preserving the communication efficiency in your company. In today’s digital era where you need to deal with huge numbers of data, a smooth method to share the information will become an essential part of your business. The network switches are the equipment that can give you that. Among many products you can find on the market, the cisco network switch maybe is one of the best.

What Is Cisco Network Switch?

Cisco is one of the top manufacturers in the technology industry. They have made many innovations and great products that change how people use technology for many aspects of their life. And, among many great products from this brand, one of them is the network switch.

The network switches basically equipment that provides a terminal to connect many devices in your company. Usually, the network switch has many ports where you plug in the cable from your device. There are many different types of ports on it. So, you can connect many different devices as well, for example, PC, server, printer, lights and many more.

Network Switch Types

When you visit the Cisco website or online store that sells the Cisco network switch, you will find many models of this product. However, you don’t need to be confused. Basically, the network switch can be categorized into two different types. They are the unmanaged switch and the managed switch.

– Unmanaged Network Switch

Just like its name, you don’t need to configure or adjust its setting to use it. Take it out from its box and you can use it. Moreover, most of the unmanaged Cisco network switches are designed without modification feature. So, you can’t change its configuration.

However, you don’t need to worry about that. The unmanaged network switch is usually used for basic usage. Therefore, many people use this network switch at their home, where the network doesn’t as complicated as what you can see in a company.

– Managed Network Switch

This type can be called to be the professional type of network switch. It is configurable. Moreover, you also can find more features in this network switch. For example, it has a better security system that you also can adjust for special access for a certain port. This will protect important data that you share through it. This is also the type that most companies use.

It is not only configurable. But, you also can easily monitor it. This is actually the most important feature that a network switch must have. This feature allows you to know the data traffic that goes through and how people that have access to your company network access certain data through the switch. Then, you can manage that traffic easily.

So, if you plan to buy network switch, especially the Cisco network switch, you know what types you need. Matches it with where you are going to install it. That way your network switch can work well and deliver the best performance that you need. And, you don’t need to worry about spending your money on this useful equipment.

Why Must Cisco Network Switches for Business?

Cisco produces good-quality network switches for business. Although we said you will spend your money on a network switch, Cisco can help you to ease your mind with their affordable switch. Yes, compared to other brands, the network switch made by Cisco is the most affordable one. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about your budget. And, this is also one of the reasons why you should use this brand for your business network switch.

The feature is also another reason why Cisco network switch is perfect for you. There are many useful features you can find in their product. For example, the Cisco Discovery Protocol and Cisco SmartPorts feature help you to manage your network much easier. And, it also helps you to notice the problem in the network faster. It will save time for the network manager to troubleshoot the problem.


The network switch has many features and functionality that can bring many benefits to your company. So, it’s not wrong to say that this device is one of the factors that can make your company successful today. If you can use it effectively, the data and information sharing will be much better. Thus, you can create better integration and teamwork between departments in your company. This is what makes the cisco network switch important.