From since, when Java and JavaScript entered the arena of web and / or app development as a programming platform till date is the most popularlyused platform. It is primarily because of its all – purpose utility, the variety of job opportunities which arise from itand thence, the interesting money-making opportunities associated with it for the engineers specializing in it.

Thus, Java is such a skill which would nearly guarantee everyone a job because in today’s world it is used or is run by nearly ever application and on nearly all available platforms and thus the requirement of those handling it also remains endless. So let’s see some of the most interesting ways in which JAVA is used:-

1. Cloud Computing

Java is extensively used to build cloud-based application services, web APIs, client applications etc…especially because of its proven ability to perfectly fit in and work anywhere, thus allowing cross-platform and cross-browser compatibility.

Also, an important cloud development process called “mocking” which deals with unit testing using simulations in which software objects are used to simulate real-world objects and determine whether unit tests pass or fail, uses a JAVA-Based App One of by the name of Mokito. Thus also highlighting the importance of JAVA in the associated industry.

There are many companies such as Belatrix which specialize in cloud-development outsourcing, and like Heroku which provides Java-specific cloud services to its clients. Not only, here but also there are several internationally acclaimed companies like Nestlé, the United Nations, Universal Studios, Jaguar, and others who use JAVA extensively for various purposes of theirs.

2. NASA Software Development

JAVA is by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) for a variety of interesting application development project, like World Wind- a software development kit (SDK) allowing one to zoom in from outer space and examine various locations on the Earth.

3. Internet of Things (IoT)

From sensors in massive industrial machinery to smart housing devices like security cameras, the utilization of IoT is everywhere now days, In fact, it is quite interesting to know that the highly popular Nest thermostat is founded on an interesting mix of Java and AI. Moreover, many smart vending machines using a variety of software to track inventory, temperature, location, humidity etc..are JAVA based. In addition, several wearable smart technology applications are also built in Java.

4. Self-driven cars

In today’s world, one of the most astonishing and highly demanding uses of technology is in the development of self-driving car and associated robotics technology. For this, developers need to combine all of these elements in a package guarantying extreme reliability and that is where they prefer the JAVA platform for development.

5. Use of Chatbots

A very interesting application which has been developed using JAVA is Doctor Online which includes a full suite of modules designed to make convenient and faster interactions between the doctor and the patient.

Moreover, other than the medical sector, several other e-commerce sites also rely on similar forms of technology used through the chatbots, thus providing a personalized touch tonearly everything – from outfit choosing to lost package tracking.

Other technologies like robotic medical devices are also high research avenues now days and in all of these JAVA plays a very crucial role – in their development, programming and execution.

Thus JAVA enables a very rewarding and enticing collaboration between different sectors of the industry.

6. Big data analysis

In the modern era, big data analysis the center of attraction across the globe and lays tremendous scope of experimenting with new and interesting technology. Not only that, it also enables the data scientists to discover new patterns in large volume data, thus helping them to understand complex processes in a better way. And that is when and where the role of JAVA comes into play.

Java is extensively used for many data analytics tasks, especially those belonging to the ETL section i.e., Extract/Transform/ Load processes. Not only that, JAVA is also often used to work with Hadoop implementations, especially because of the plethora of features / applications it offers like Weka, Rapid Miner, Massive Online Analysis (MOA), Apache SAMOA, JSAT , Java Machine Learning Library — Java-ML, Retina Library, Java Data Mining Package — JDMP, and many others.

7. Flash Name on TheBig Screen

Special effects firms like Industrial Light and Magic (ILM) heavily rely on JAVA platform for all types of software-based magical experiences like sequencing animation scenes.

8. Game Production

Several of the highly in – demand video games these days like RuneScape and others arecore JAVA founded.

The Open JavaFX (OpenJFX) graphics package helps in easing out the burden of working with the kinds of images which makes gamers go nuts. In fact, some of the gaming development sites like are totally and dedicatedly based on Java. Moreover, there are specialized libraries for gaming development too like Lightweight Java Game Library (LWJGL), specially designed and drafted to ensure a convenient and easy game development process in Java.

9. Education Sector

Numerous schools and educational institutions also rely on custom Java applications which involve writing and implementation of a wide variety of smaller applications than a single stepped large one.

Thus, JAVA is everywhere and those specializing in it have a wonderful future ahead, not only in terms of the scope of work and experimentation but also in terms of the pay offered. Still many business owners are also choosing Java and javascript software development services for their websites.