Donors During the Fall Season
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The fall is a pivotal season for fundraising. The majority of nonprofits start planning year end-appeals in October, but it is important not to lose sight of opportunities to raise funds throughout the fall. Here are seven database tips for charities to stay on donors’ minds from the start of autumn through the giving season at the end of the year and beyond.

Creative Retargeting

Organizations are likely to have completed fundraising campaigns by the time fall rolls around. This season is an optimal opportunity to get back in touch with supporters who have not yet given. Anywhere from 50% to 70% of online donations are abandoned prior to completion. Keeping track of this data for use in retargeting or reminders to give promotes potential donors’ resolve to support your cause or mission.

Ensure Constituent Data Is Accurate

The data an organization keeps on constituents must be accurate for successful engagement and outreach. Taking time to verify the accuracy of donor information in the fall can pay off in the form of donations made during autumn and in the holiday and giving season at the end of the year.

Drive Up Donor Engagement

A social media campaign is a good way to increase engagement levels and get new leads during the fall. These campaigns increase the visibility of a nonprofit and its mission across supporter networks. Autumn is an ideal time to encourage donors to post content, participate in peer-to-peer fundraising or use hashtags in posts.

Send Groups Targeted Messaging

Organizations can get results by targeting the right types of supporters during the fall. For instance, students may be inclined to take action at the start of the school year. Pursuing Blackbaud integration makes it possible to draw on data from Raiser’s Edge or other software in third-party applications.

Acknowledge Impact Achieved

By the first day of fall on September 22, the year is over 72% complete. At this point in the year, it is helpful to take stock of the progress an organization has made to date and plan to maximize funds raised and meet upcoming benchmarks over the next three months.

Increase Donor Satisfaction

An organization should consider ways to increase the personal satisfaction felt by donors. Follow-up communication that shares engaging content or communicates the impact that donations have on the mission of an organization can go a long way toward giving donors positive feedback that leads to future support.

Ramp Up to the Giving Season

Focusing on fundraising during the fall can keep a nonprofit on supporters’ minds into the giving season from December through the end of the year. The date of “Giving Tuesday” falls on the last Tuesday of November or the first Tuesday in December and over 30% of donations are made during December with 12% given during the last three days of the calendar year.

As the season progresses, a nonprofit organization should start working towards year-end fundraising. Engagement, outreach and fundraising that takes place during the fall months can keep a not-for-profit on track to meet its annual donation goals.

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