Talking about technology never ends. If a few years ago, it is enough to send a letter, it gets advanced with the presence of e-mail and instant message. What about the upcoming years? Of course, there are some innovations of the technology created making all people surprised. Here is the list of the technology innovation.

Cat Toilet

If you are a cat lover and still clean pooping spot manually, it needs to try to apply this technology. It is an automatic toilet that is suitable for the owners of lazy cats. The robot will separate the feces to the separated spot and the owners have to open, lift, and throw it. The design is so futuristic with equal benefits. The cat toilet is a space to throw cat’s feces that is old about US$450.

A Moving Suitcase

If you feel tired in bringing a common suitcase, it seems to be a great alternative. The company of ForwardX has found a special suitcase following the command of its owner. To use it, you don’t need a joystick to be a commander or difficult instructions. This suitcase is connected to a smart bracelet that will run freely around the owner. In addition, it still has a normal handle on the outside of the moving suitcase. It has been known the price of this product. This suitcase is not produced in mass yet.

Cylinder Deactivation

The next finding in the current technology is a cylinder deactivation. It is a technology enabling the engine to operate two of four cylinders with ways of deactivating the unnecessary cylinder when the vehicle is driving and no huge energy. When it requires big energy, the new engine and machine will work collaboratively to operate four existed cylinders. This technology is usually found in the machine of V-6 and V-8 and the benefits can make the machine more economical in consuming the fuel for 10 to 20 percents. If it is compared to the conventional technology, it doesn’t sacrifice the machine performance.

Spectrometer Scanner

If you care about healthy foods and the surrounding environment, the scanner from Link Square must be had. This tool is helpful to check all things around us such as food, liquid, and the other ingredients. As an example, this tool can let you know the fresher products before you buy or eat it. It is much recommended to maintain the health of a particular product.

Femtosecond Laser

Problems in the cornea are a cause of the highest blindness despite cataract or glaucoma. The cause of the blindness in the corner is varied such as the disease, genetic factor, or injury. If it doesn’t do a further prevention action, the condition will end with the loss of visibility functions and it is unable to cure. This makes a reason the cornea transplantation important.

Cornea transplantation is possibly carried out by taking a part of eyes and sews it. Due to the development of the technology, the process is quicker and easier. It generally runs for two to five days. The cutting process of cornea donor and cornea receiver can be conducted by a new technology namely Femtosecond Laser. With this technology, the doctor only does a substitution of the damaged cornea and keeps the healthy cornea glands.

The used technique consists of two types, Deep Anterior Lamellar Keratoplasty aimed at changing most of the layers in front of the cornea, and Serta Decrements Stripping Automated Endothelial Keratoplasty to change a thin layer of the cornea through a hole. With these techniques, the recovery process of post-surgery will last quickly depending on the conventional method.

Gorilla Glass 6

A screen protection layer technology gets advanced. The company of Corning has created a new technology for the successor of Gorilla Glass 5 namely Gorilla Glass 6. It is claimed to be resilient for times. It is affirmed to get the significant improvement of Gorilla Glass 5. The company claims that it becomes the strongest screen protector. It keeps the screen from falling from the high but it maintains the screen from falling repeatedly.

Corning has developed and created new materials to accommodate the cases. In a laboratory test, Gorilla Glass 6 can last though it is fallen for 15 times from the 1 – meter high. The testing is conducted for two times and better than Gorilla Glass 5. This screen protector is full of the glass composition that can be strengthened chemically to give higher compression levels significantly than the previous series. For the scratch resistance, it is claimed that the quality is the same as the previous generation. Don’t scratch it to the metal or iron through the screen is strong when it is tested.