The term artificial intelligence (AI) is not something strange to hear in this modern day. It has even applied to many electronic devices around like Smartphone, Smart TV, and more. There are also movies with AI themes that attract so many people to watch like Transcendence and Ex-Machina. But then, what is AI actually? Is it true that someday it may confront and rebel against the human as in those movies?

The Definition of AI

AI can be simply defined as a kind of technique or knowledge to make a machine smarter and more intelligent mainly for the computer programs. The term smartness and intelligence here are likely what human already has. Therefore, it is expected that a computer can make decisions and do actions to solve problems with the ways of thinking like the human.

The research on AI includes some matters; they are reasoning, acknowledging, planning, learning, natural language processing, perceiving, moving, and manipulating. The general intelligence is basically the primary long-term goal of AI. In fact, this technology has been successfully created and developed many problem-solving devices in the computer. It also masters so many subjects including mathematics, psychology, linguistics, philosophy, and many more.

Some Examples of AI in the Daily Life

Many big technology-based companies have competed to develop the AI. In the future, it is not impossible that human-like robots like in the movies are realized. For now, the examples of AI that have been marketed and utilized by the human are not that extreme. They are quite helpful although, in one AI feature, it is still not really multifunction. So, what are the simple examples of AI we may find in our daily life? Here they are.

First, there is SIRI. SIRI is one of the voice assistance created by Apple Company for Smartphone, laptop, and other desktop products. The interface of SIRI is a computer with charming voice activation and you can just interact with it. It helps you to search for the information, make schedules, send messages, and more. It applies the machine learning technology to understand your languages more.

Second, similar to SIRI, you can also find similar AI created by Amazon namely Alexa. It is applied to some smart devices not only the Smartphone but also smart-lamp, smart-speaker, smart-watch, and others. The Alexa development is indeed to be the core of smart-home. This technology is able to translate the conversations done at home and then convert them into requests to help to do many daily activities.

Third, one of the automotive companies has applied AI in some of its car products. It is Tesla. One of the most popular features of Tesla cars is the ability to drive the car automatically. More than that, the software in Tesla cars can be updated over-the-air.

Fourth, for you the social media users, you must know this one. It is the face recognition already applied in Facebook. This social media uses 9 layers of the nerve tissues with more than 120 millions of parameter to scan the face in photos automatically. The nerve tissues have been trained using more than 4 millions of face data and it has accuracy levels for around 97%.

Fifth, here is Google Assistant. Google, as one of the biggest technology company, develops a personal assistant applied in the devices like the Smartphone. You can search for information from all around the world in many languages. You don’t need to type the keywords using a keyboard but just call it “Hey Google” to access it.

Sixth, have you ever heard an app namely Instant Heart Rate Pro? If you have downloaded and installed it, it seems you don’t need to go to the hospital too often just for checking up your medical conditions. You are only required to place your index finger right on the camera. Then, this app will give you complete descriptions regarding your conditions.

The Benefits and Lacks of AI

Based on the definitions and examples mentioned above, it is clear enough that AI is not that creepy but even gives so many benefits in our daily activities. More than that, if it is applied well in many sectors, AI is very helpful to improve the productivity and safety. As an example, AI has been used in the mining industry for years as a temperature detector. It does not only increase the production level but also avoid any accidents and explosions in the mining area.

But sure, it has some lacks also. Despite allowing the human to be lazier, AI is something that has been set up before. Once it has been requested to do a certain thing, it cannot be simply stopped.