Technology has truly revolutionized the way many businesses operate. As a consumer, you hold more power than ever before. However, it’s important to harness that same power when you’re dealing with your career. If you’ve ever looked at your career trajectory and felt discouraged, it’s so important to remember that you can shift and transform your career with the touch of a few buttons. Technology is just that powerful. Consider the following way tech can change your career for the better.

1. Online Education

There are countless colleges and universities that have designed and curated amazing online programs that allow you to earn degrees from the comfort of your own home. If you’re currently a personal assistant who desires to switch careers and become a lawyer, you’re going to need to register for the LSAT. You’ll also need to attend law school, pass the bar exam and find a good firm. Thankfully, with the use of technology, you can register for the LSAT online, apply to law school and use online materials to successfully get through law school and the bar exam.

2. eCommerce Opportunities

Before technology, the average person wasn’t necessarily thinking about launching their own online stores and boutiques. Thanks to apps like Poshmark, eBay and Mercari, thousands of people are able to own their businesses without the help of business loans and large amounts of capital. Just by downloading an app and getting access to inventory, so many people are taking advantage of eCommerce opportunities.

3. Networking

One of the most popular networking sites is LinkedIn. It’s the perfect marriage of online networking and business. If there’s a specific company you have your heart set on working at, start sending friend requests to people who already work at the company. Like and comment on their posts. LinkedIn is also a great place to find out about any upcoming networking events and training seminars. As you gain more visibility and increase your rolodex of contacts, you’ll be able to get closer to that dream job you really want.

4. Validation, Marketing and Self-Promotion

There’s something about developing your own voice within the digital space. Whether you have a blog, a podcast or a YouTube channel, consistent content will help you position yourself as an authority. Using tech tools like laptops, cameras and microphones can help you produce quality content on a consistent basis. As you develop your online presence, it’s important to use platforms like Facebook and Instagram to help you gain more visibility. If you’re an independent artist who’s looking for a record deal, consistently produce music for sites like SoundCloud and YouTube. As you build your online resumé, it’ll be a lot easier for potential companies and firms to take you seriously.

5. Career Planning

While it’s true that you should chart your own path and blaze your own trail, it doesn’t hurt to look at what others have done. Consider the career aspirations you have. Take note of people who are doing what you’d like to do. If you want to run for Senate, use the internet to do your research. Learn more about how the current senators ran for office and won. Email your own senator. As you use the internet to compile your research, you’ll be able to create a plan that works for you and your career goals.

Granted, it’s important to note that all of these goals take a considerable amount of effort, time or both. However, once you commit to the process, you’ll be able to experience lots of improvement in your career for the better. If these tasks seem too large, break them into daily tasks. As you consistently tackle a task each day, before long, you’ll look back and realize you’ve experienced the career growth you always wanted.