If you think your computers and other similar gadgets you have don’t deserve an equal amount of maintenance, think again! It’s wrong to assume you will always be able to replace your old piece of tech equipment with a newer and fancier model, which is why you definitely need to devote enough attention to keeping the equipment you have in great condition.

Although computers are used by most people on the planet, there are still so many of them who are not familiar with the basics of computer maintenance, which can cause many problems. The common issues with computers are that they are slow to boot, contain viruses or they simply refuse to perform the operations you need. In order to help you prevent such things (and prevention is always the best, the cheapest, and the most efficient method of dealing with problems), we have prepared the following five tips, which should see you use your computers for many years, without having to visit a repair service.


All that glitter is not gold

If you really believe you’re the chosen one to be given the latest iPad or MacBook, we are sorry to disappoint you, but such things are just not given away to every person who clicks on an ad. Understandably, many people think they deserve a lucky break and are tempted to see what lies behind an online advertisement, but they should know the true answer. Such links usually lead to websites that can install software on your computer without you even realising it. What happens next is that your computer becomes slow or even infected with a virus or other malware. Basically, you should avoid dodgy sites and links and make sure that you only click on ads provided by a reputable company on a reputable site if you really want to see what is advertised. So, don’t even think about finding out a well-kept secret of how to lose 15 pounds a week without exercising behind a “before-and-after” photo you see on so many websites.

Avoid dark corners

There are many websites running programs without you being aware of it. They can ask you to download all types of malevolent software, which puts your computer under a serious risk, which is why it’s always best to stay away from such sites. If you’re not sure whether a particular site is safe, just google it and add words such as “security”, “problems” or “reviews”. The results of your query will give you a very quick and precise answer.

No, you haven’t won a million dollars


One of the most common ways of infecting your computer with a virus is by opening e-mails from people you don’t know and clicking on the links in them or downloading the attachment that came with them. Though most spam messages are nothing more than a cheap attempt at selling a product or service, some of those messages can be really harmful. If you’ve still fallen into the trap of opening such a message, chances are your computer is now infected. The unwanted stuff you downloaded can really affect your computer and you may not know how to have it up and running again. So, if your Mac computer needs repair, the best idea is to turn to professionals who do.

Choose strong passwords

You are probably aware that many hackers from all over the world are trying to crack passwords that users create for different accounts. Who knows, you might have already fallen a victim of such theft and you still don’t know it? That’s why you should make sure you choose different passwords for every account you have. Also, all your passwords have to be really unpredictable and contain a combination of small and capital letters, as well as other symbols, including numbers. So, no nicknames or dates of birth.

Antivirus is important

Though many users say that antivirus software slows their computers down, you should really consider having a good one, especially since there are some very good ones, including those you don’t have to pay for. You want your computer to run efficiently for as long as possible and you need to protect it. Also, when you choose a program to protect your computer from viruses and other unwanted software, make sure you update it regularly. Otherwise, it won’t be able to perform the function you need.


As you can see, these steps are very easy to take and they guarantee that you won’t have to visit a repair service any time soon. So, treat your tech equipment as you treat your other prized possessions and property and you’ll be just fine.