I’m a heavy cellphone person. So whilst i was asked to write a Huawei Mate 9 smartphone evaluation — i hesitated.

Did they without a doubt recognise who they have been asking?

If you’re a heavy smartphone user too, you know we choose smartphones by using a exclusive preferred than the majority.

To us, our phones are our connections to the sector. They’re an extension of our personalities. We have high standards for excellence and zero tolerance for insufficient functions.

In case you’re considering a Mate 9, preserve analyzing to analyze everything you want to understand to make a smart decision.


Before everything, it changed into almost uncomfortable holding this sort of large smartphone — however i got used to it quickly. Now it’s difficult to head returned to a phone with a smaller display screen.

Upon first glance and preserving it in my hand, i knew this will be a unique phone. After all, it runs android 7.o Nougat and EMUI 5.0 right out of the box.

The styling at the Mate 9 is amazing. The 5.9″ fhd curved crystal display (1920×1080 decision) rests in a observe steel frame case (no cheap plastics here).

This cellphone is obtainable in 6 colours — space gray, moonlight silver, champagne gold, mocha brown, ceramic white and black.


As a heavy phone user, the significance of a long-lasting battery. If push got here to shove, i’d sacrifice a few key capabilities for a battery that could face up to heavy use.

For me, battery existence is hands down the most essential characteristic on a telephone.

In case you agree, you are going to love the battery on the Huawei Mate 9. It’s a goliath.

This 7.9mm thick tool houses a 4000mAh battery that lasts and lasts (and lasts).

For the first time ever, i ought to consider doubtlessly taking my smartphone on a weekend hike into the mountains without disturbing approximately battery troubles.

After I say the battery existence at the Huawei Mate 9 is insane — i mean, it’s i n s a n e. Heavy cellphone users have fun!

Charging System

The mate 9 has a revolutionary supercharge charging machine that provides one-day of use with a single 30-minute charging.

During supercharge, the smartphone communicates with the charger and monitors voltage, current and temperature at 5 key points (the adapter, the type-c connector, the battery, the smartcharger chipset and the cutting-edge shunt).

That is well worth bringing up since some samsung fashions additionally have a quick charging function. It’s obvious to me that protection become a concern while huawei built the Mate 9.

The Results from my SuperCharge Testing

Bear in mind, i began with a discharged Huawei Mate 9.

After 10 mins — Mate 9 was at 20% charge

After half-hour — Mate 9 was at 57% rate

After 60 minutes — Mate 9 was at 86% charge

After 120 mins — mate 9 become at a hundred% charge

Glaringly, getting to 20% charge in 10 minutes has big implications for any phone user.


The 20-megapixel monochrome, 12-megapixel rgb dual digital camera at the back of the telephone takes superb pics.

There are non-obligatory professional controls for digital camera aperture, shutter pace and sensor sensitivity. This permits you to deliberately control the depth of area, length of exposure and lights.

Worthy of noting — the Mate 9 comes with an 8-megapixel front camera which made my video chats greater vibrant and specified than different smartphones i’ve tested. (the iphone plus has a 7-megapixel the front digicam)

In case you’re on social media frequently, you recognize there’s an app or filter to turn nearly all of your terrible snap shots into proper images. However imagine what it would be like no longer to want an app or filter. That’s the Mate 9.

I’m an novice smartphone-photographer at great. I don’t have a flowery digital camera or lens, and i have zer0 photography abilties. However with the mate nine, i sorta appear to be i know what i’m doing. Maybe that’s why i like this camera a lot!

My favored function of the huawei mate nine camera is the bokeh impact you may acquire on your images. It’s an amusing manner to affect buddies, circle of relatives and twitter followers.

The mate 9 has an ingenious “beauty feature” integrated, so that you’ll by no means want a selfie filter once more.

I decided to test this on a lazy saturday morning.

I rolled off the bed, put on a star wars t-shirt, and rode my motorcycle to meat a friend for breakfast.

I didn’t brush my hair, and i didn’t put on any makeup. I desired to put this splendor feature to the ultimate test.

After this experiment, i’ve decided that i need a beauty feature for actual life!

I assume i’ve gushed approximately how much i like the Huawei Mate Nine camera sufficient.


For me, after battery life, speed is the most critical factor of a telephone. As i said, i’m a heavy phone user. There’s nothing more annoying than a smartphone that couldn’t preserve up with my lifestyle.

If speed is your thing, the mate nine can be proper up your alley. The mate 9 comes with Huawei’s own Kirin 960 chipset (4*cortex a73 2.4ghz and 4*cortex a53 1.8ghz) + i6 co-processor and a Mali-G71 MP8 (octa-core) GPU.

The Kirin processor mixed with the smart machine studying algorithm ensure that your Huawei Mate 9 starts out speedy and stays that manner through the years.

I find the Mate 9 to have all round outstanding overall performance. I don’t commonly write that about a smartphone, but this one is surely in a category of its very own.


The Mate 9 consists of a generous 4GB of memory and 64GB of internal storage. The microsd slot lets in for add extra storage.

Storing your library of 4k films won’t cramp your fashion with this phone. The mate nine’s adequate chipset, storage and memory makes for an exceptionally responsive consumer enjoy in most conditions.


The mate 9 comes with 4 separate microphones. Additionally it is software to offer noise cancelation to lessen historical past noise.


But, there are 3 things i found that might be improved in this phone.

1. I’ve been a verizon user for many years. I was dissatisfied to examine that the Mate Nine will only work in america on gsm networks.

2. The audio output from the built-in audio system and 3.5mm headphone jack just seems ok to me. They aren’t awful — however they’re quite common.

3. Despite the fact that the digital camera on the mate 9 takes gorgeous images, the sharpness of the snap shots doesn’t seem quite as crisp as the ones taken with the aid of the iphone 7 plus.

On the other hand — one individual’s flaw is another person’s undocumented characteristic.