4 Things to Know before Printing Custom Business Logo Stickers

A good business sticker contains the logo of the brand and easily gets applied to the product. Business stickers are not just stickers; instead, they are the message conveyers of the company. Business logo stickers instruct, warn, and share minute highlights of the product. Hence, an organization needs to pay significant importance to design and printing business stickers before finally placing them on their desired products.

This article will discuss four essential tips that your brand must consider before getting the business sticker designed and printed to be applied to its product. So, you must continue reading this guide until the end to explore all the minute details of designing and printing custom label stickers.

4 Tips for Printing Custom Label Stickers

Here are five essential tips you must keep in mind while printing custom business stickers for your product.

1.   Know where the Sticker will be applied

There is an essential thing to consider while designing and printing the custom labels. Where will the business stickers be applied, and for how long will they stay? The brand owners must know where the sticker has to be used, i.e., car, laptop, shipping box, cell phone, clothing, or gas pumps. You must know that is the sticker a temporary promotion or has to be applied for the long term.

Knowing all these things will determine the best material, print method, and size of the stickers.

2.   How Will the Stickers be Distributed?

Another essential factor that needs to be considered is the method of sticker distribution. Will the stickers be handed out at trade shows or be sold in stores. Either the stickers will be mailed in an envelope or will be directly applied to the products when people receive them.

It is essential to know the answers to all these questions because this will determine the size, style, and additional features of the label such as hole punching, shrink wrapping, back copy, face slitting, etc., are needed or not.

3.   Information to Be Printed on the Sticker

Another factor that must be considered while getting the custom labels printed and designed is the information that has to be printed on the sticker. You have to consider what information will be added to the label apart from the logo. Will the logo sit alone with the label, or will there be the URL as well. Some companies also add a coupon on the sticker.

So, getting answers to all these questions is necessary because it will help you decide the sticker size, shape, and style and help you determine if you need special die-cutting or not.

4.   Printing Paper

Another factor that you have to consider is the paper on which you want to print your label. A common practice is to print the labels on paper or vinyl. So, you must know the difference between the two to decide which best option for you is.

Paper labels are the simplest and cheapest options available for business stickers. These labels are best for vinyl record sleeves, creating instant photo stickers, personalizing name tags, and plenty of other creative ideas.

Depending on your requirements, you can choose any specific shapes among the following:

  • Round labels
  • Square labels
  • Oval labels
  • Rectangular labels

Such pre-cut labels are ideal for placing jars and bottles and providing the best personality for homemade goods.