Small businesses always look towards the effective yet affordable marketing options. Leaflets and flyers make a great choice for such companies. While it appears a simple and affordable way to spread your message, there are a ton of things that you have to consider. It is not just about printing and distributing the flyers. You need to go out of the box and look at other things too than merely leaflet distribution London price and design costs.

However, people tend to stick with the pricing issues and overlook other key aspects. Ultimately, it costs them money as well as time. So, here we have some common mistakes that businesses make when running a leaflet campaign. Make sure to read it thoroughly so that you can avoid making such errors.

Bad timing

When we think about the distribution of leaflets, the timing is key. You need to pay attention to the phases of the year where a person is most likely to spend on your business. Sometimes, it is about events as pre event and post event marketing can drive huge sales. On other occasions, it is about the relevancy of the product and how much appealing it is.

To have a clear view of bad timing, think of a brand marketing winter clothing in hot summers. What impact it has? Surely, people are very unlikely to buy winter clothing in dry hot periods of summer.

Sticking with cheapest option

When you go out to take marketing services, there is an array of companies that are ready to do the job. However, only a few among them worth the money that you are going to pay. People tend to go for cheap business that is providing them a few different things. Some take the pricing as the decisive factor while others consider the quantity of the item.

In all this, your main focus should be towards the value. Evaluate the options in terms of the quality of the service and reputation of the company. It helps you in knowing the value for price that you pay. The higher the value for price ratio is the more suitable a service will be for you.

Random distributors

We often see companies considering the leaflet distribution London as well as other big cities and selecting distributors randomly, thinking that what impact can a distributor make. Well, a good distributor can contribute a lot to your business whereas a bad distributor can take all your campaign and assure that it reaches the rubbish box.

But how? Well, a good distributor assures that your leaflet reaches to people as if he is marketing his own business and rightfully so because your success is the success of the distributor. However, on the other hand, a bad business may simple instruct a person to distribute the flyers, without any tracking whatsoever. So, the latter option has a risk associated as your leaflet may not reach the target audience in full capacity.

Test phase

Many businesses, before investing a lot in leaflet marketing, try to go small at first. This is the testing phase where a company designs and distributes the flyers. It helps you in considering the response and how impactful the flyers are as the reach the community. Tracking the response is also crucial because a marketing campaign without tracking is a useless campaign as you are unable to measure the rate of success.

Also, the test phase gives you a chance to try out a couple of different distribution options and designs. So, you will get an idea of what kind of content, design, and audience can benefit you the most. Ultimately, you become able to go big with your leaflet marketing.

What you should do?

First of all, avoid the mistakes listed above as you proceed with leaflet design. Whenever you design a campaign, start with defining your target audience. Write effective marketing content and design the leaflets in a simplistic and compact manner. Then, choose the locations where your target audience resides and use a leaflet distributor to distribute the flyers.

Embed QR codes, URLs, and other unique methods to track the success rate of your campaign and make it measurable. It will help you a lot with your future marketing.