Warehousing activities come in handy. This includes picking, packing, and shipping, loading, and unloading, among others. For many years, these activities and processes were carried out manually.

Often, it led to delays in shipping, picking off the wrong products, breakages, and extra costs. The delays would cause a bad reputation for many companies.

However, the world is embracing advanced technologies, and warehouses are making the most of different innovations to deliver quality services. Advanced warehouse innovations are transforming the warehousing world.

From big data, virtual reality devices to the IoT, you can be sure that today, most deliveries are done on time. Client expectations are also met thanks to the use of new technologies in warehousing.

Here Are 3 Technologies That Let Warehouses Pick, Pack, And Ship Faster.

The Rise of Drones and Robots

Robotics and drones play a significant role in the warehousing world. The two are fast-growing technologies, and they have been developed to reduce workload and the need for extra human labor. Robots, for instance, are incorporated into different areas including;

  • Automated guided vehicles
  • Conveyor robots
  • Gantry robots
  • Palletizer and storage robots
  • Sortation robots and
  • Packaging robots.

Autonomous robots are equally the future of many warehouses. These are robots that are designed to carry out different tasks without primary human control.

Drones, on the other hand, are providing automation solutions, thus, saving man-hours used in warehouses. Warehouses are stacked with barcodes, inventory, and a roof of other related tasks. Such activities would take two days or more with a team of 50 men.

However, just a few drones could complete the tasks in hours. This is why leading warehouses across different parts of the globe are investing heavily in drone technology.

Therefore, with robotics and drone innovations, warehouse sector can complete tasks that would otherwise take days with more manpower.

This includes picking and packing items. Robots work efficiently and safely while offering more support to enhance manual processes.

Mobile or Smartphone Technology

Smart devices, including tablets and smartphones, continue to take the world by storm. It is a technology that has proven to be quite efficient in the warehouse.

It is a technology that allows warehouses to use smartphones with scanning devices. This helps to expedite the checkout activities and processes during high seasons.

Today, business executives and warehouse leaders can connect, run different activities, and close sales. Customer information, product details, and closing of business deals happen at the click of a button. Mobile technology has further enhanced transparency and inventory management tasks warehouses.

Smartphones can also scan barcodes, therefore increasing the usability and comfort of owners. Today, tablets and smartphones are advanced. They come with different features, including durable battery and security innovations, among other features that match the warehouse environment.

Cloud Technology

Cloud technology has also transformed the warehousing world. It provides warehouses with more flexibility, reduces expenses and risks related associated with picking, packing, and shipping of different items.

Powerful cloud software is always being introduced to the market, and it provides better control of varying warehouse services.

With cloud technology, warehouses can carry out even the most complex tasks. It is a cost-effective, robust, and reliable tool that also promotes warehouse management as such warehouses can easily pick the right products, within the shortest time and deliver at the tap of a button.

The technology further reduces related costs as it expedites picking, packing, and shipment.

With the cloud warehouse management system, warehouses also enjoy different benefits including;

  • Real-time visibility since there is software that offers visual monitoring
  • Quality validation because you can easily update, verify, certify, and place your trust that a product that has been packed is the right one. This prevents thefts and stock-outs.
  • It also provides ease of integration thanks to its API technology. Therefore, you can easily keep all your inventory records, ensure quality customer service, and every related task in sync.
  • Similarly, cloud technology allows clients to place orders on time. This reduces the number of the workforce needed in the workplace. As such, it is ensuring that a client has received the placed order is faster than before. This further reduces errors related to manual entry.
  • Cloud technology supports modern picking technologies, including ring scanners, voice picking, and picking robots. It enhances picking accuracy for real-time automation and validation.
  • It also comes with advanced features that promote planning, handling of more tasks, scheduling of emails, and configuration options that support picking, packing, and shipment processes.

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