If you are looking for a sound investment, then maybe looking into mobile tech firms is the right way to go. The mobile industry will continue to grow as 4G turns into high speed 5G and developing countries continue to spread the reach of the internet bringing an increasing number of people online. On top of this, smartphones are now more affordable than ever before so almost anyone can make use of touch screen tech to download apps and interact online.

Mobile Security Software

VPN software is being used on multiple mobile devices today because of the many blocks their service providers place via their access points. When we say access points, these are the cell or mobile towers that you connect to in order to get a signal.

The solution to getting around the firewall blocks these firms place on their servers that connect you to the World Wide Web is to use IP masking software which is a VPN. Vpnveteran gives users access to a selection of these mobile masking software apps which can also be used on desktop devices too.

Users that sign up for the software can install the VPN on a router, on their smartphone, tablet, laptop, and PC under the same account. As long as only 1 device is connected to a VPN server, then the VPN software provider has no issue with users having their software installed on multiple devices.

Mobile gaming

If you ask any gaming geek out here about what is the new trend in online gaming, you would see him quip and he would tell you that mobile gaming is the new hot trend people are very busy exploring. Not only are the words of some geeks, but the statistics are also telling the same thing.

In 2015, revenue from mobile games will surpass the revenue from console gaming. Even games have become the most popular apps on mobile, smartphones, and tabs. The game developers who have now been seeing the opportunity in the mobile industry have been developing a new game every day to explore this amazing opportunity.

The reason people never used to play online games was that they were never exposed to the internet on the laptop or computer device most of their adult lives (especially old people in developing nations). But now the games are available on mobile and they can play games whenever they like, whichever they like.

It is an unprecedented opportunity for game developers and business people who have never come before. Games like Clash of Clans, Prince of Persia, Marjong War, all ESports games, all actions games are now available everywhere –mobile, laptop, computer. Who won’t play it then?

The way the online gaming industry has been growing, it can easily be said that within a few years only, it would become the most sought-after industry globally and the economy of the world will be shifted because of online gaming.