Incentives have always been a big lure. Though there have been some advocates for the “ carrot and stick treatment”, the indisputable fact is that carrots or incentives have always been better than sticks to derive the best output from the employees.

The rewards and incentives industry is doing double shifts just to find ways of bringing out the best in employees of companies around the world visit website. Incentives or rewards are now categorized under many heads like cash, non-cash, wellbeing, gift cards, free overseas holidays.

Human Resource departments are working overtime to find ways and means to make their rewards more lucrative and tempting to bring out the best in its employees and to also be able to act as a good advertisement luring a better workforce towards their organization. Having a good reward trend also puts the organization among the list of top-class in the industry.

A list of 15 good ideas for rewards can include the following :

(1) To date a monetary award has not lost its charm, money is always important so let it reign.

(2) Gift Cards from global players like Amazon, Alibaba,  eBay are an object of envy as well as pride, the receiver finds himself at the top while others find it reason enough to strive.

(3) Gifting famous brands is not only a lure but has also become easy because all major brands are now becoming easily available thanks to online marketing.

(4) A paid holiday for the family is always more welcome than a paid holiday for self.

(5) Dinners and gatherings where the spouse is also invited are always a big draw. Wives and husbands like to meet the colleagues of their respective partners and enjoy the get-togethers.

(6) A wellness centre or a gym may not be a direct reward but it is very welcome. Some people miss out on their fitness regime due to late working hours. A gym or spa at the office can help this group not to sacrifice their fitness routine.

(7) A recreation centre in the office premises does the same as a social club. People can meet each other and socialize without having to travel long distances.

(8) The provision of a crèche or a baby sitter may also be counted as an incentive not only for working mothers but also for the father who has to take care of the child due to some reason.

(9) A new trend can be to gift an employee with something he has been wanting but which is priced on the higher side. So gift him the product and let him pay for it through points earned as excellence in performance.

(10) Free tickets for the family to a rock concert or some program well out of reach can be handed over, which would bring the widest of smiles and will be truly an unforgettable experience.

(11) Corporate holidays overseas are a big threat.

(12) Incentives or “perks” in the form of seats reserved in good schools for the children of a company’s employees are not less than a reward.

(13) Free higher education for talented dependents of employees can be a reward too where the employee will be highly obliged.

(14) Table reservations infamous and classy restaurants where people like to be seen will be much appreciated.

(15) An opportunity to meet a celebrity will be an object of celebration and excitement.

These were just a few ideas for rewards that can bring a smile on the face of employees.