Secure your New Home

People most of the time waste a lot of their money on decorating their new homes and often forget about the security of their new homes. It should be your top priority to make it sure that your home is safe from intruders and you are well prepared for any inconvenient thing that might happen. A reputable Boise junk removal service company will remove debris and junk around your home to clean up the area.

Burglars often attack new homes because they know new homes have more valuable things than the old ones and they have a better chance to breach in because the security is not that high. To make sure you and your loved ones are safe from any kind of burglary, here are ten ways how you can improve the security of your house:

Add Security Cameras

You might have come across news headlines showing criminals got caught with CCTV with the help of CCTV footage. A CCTV camera system is the basic thing that a person should consider when it comes to secure someplace and also it becomes a means to get justice.

The choice is yours, you can get the cameras that come with the complete security system or you can use the other cameras that work on their own. It totally depends on you but remembers to choose cameras that can be controlled and monitored through a mobile application. This will allow you to check the real-time status of your premises and even store the recordings to be used later on if needed.

Try to buy a system with these features:

  • Motion detection
  • Local or cloud storage
  • Weatherproof casing for cameras outside the house
  • Wi-Fi capability
  • Night vision

You can get these cameras from any risk management companies but if you are living in the UK and want to know about the best company that can help then you should try PD risk Management Company. They are professionals with a number of satisfied clients in their portfolio. If you have any query regarding your home or workplace security, give them a call and they’ll help you out in a professional way. They have security solutions for every budget level. Give them a try!

Set up a Security System

A security system is necessary, whether you install a DIY basic system or a fully automatic one. There are a lot of options nowadays that you can choose from. Each has a different level of protection promised.

Although, the choice is yours if you want to choose one, first try to evaluate your home and neighborhood needs and then contact your local police for statistics about your neighborhood crimes so that you get an idea about what level of security you need.

Secure the Doors

If your doors are easy to surpass then you should expect a burglary soon. Almost 34% of the burglars stroll through the main doors. Check everything like hinges, door frames, and locks and make sure they are in fine condition and protected.

In another scenario, if you have moved to a new residence, consider changing the door locks. This is just to ensure that no one else you have the keys or access to your home and also this will ensure that you have installed the best locks that only you can unlock. You should consider fingerprint locks or the one that requires code to unlock the door as keys are too mainstream and most of the burglars keep an eye on your activities.

Lock the Windows

As similar to doors, windows are the next priority for burglars to enter the premises. Unfortunately, many of the manufacturers that make these windows often install latches on windows that are not effective against burglars and can easily be broken.

The best thing to avoid any inconvenience and also make your window latches more good looking, upgrade to key-operated or lever with locks as they will maximize the security and minimize the concern.

Eliminate Hiding Places

Plants are good for your home as they have plenty of health benefits and also give a home an aesthetic look but there are some side effects too. When trees and shrubs are growing and are not trimmed on time, becomes a hiding spot for criminals. It is better to trim these overgrown trees from time to time. It is also better to remove any tree branches that cover windows as the branches can aid burglars.

It might not look important and crucial but bad things can happen without a warning. So keep yourself ahead and take every possible step that can become an addition to your home security.

Get a Safe

Burglars keep an eye on premises where they want to act. Even if they get to know about all your security measures and enter your home, it is important to keep your valuable safe from them. Every valuable in your homes like jewelry, important papers, and similar things should be kept in a safe.

Try to buy a safe that can resist anything. A safe should be fire-resistant, waterproof, and also heavy in weight so that a burglar is unable to carry it away to open it somewhere else.

Use Home Automation

The influence of home automation has increased gradually because it maximizes home security to a great level. Not just it gives out security benefits, a smart home looks more amusing than a regular one. In-home automation you will have access to many different things that you can control by remote like the control on lights (scheduling), looking of doors, smoke alarms, CCTV cameras, and so on.

The best thing is that you will get real-time updates about any suspicious thing happening in your home and will allow you to respond quickly to thwart potential criminals.

If you are planning to convert your regular home to a smart one, here are some of the best ways to use home automation to increase security:

  • When on vacation, you can schedule lights and TV going on and off.
  • Get a video of any person that walks up to your driveway and respond accordingly.
  • Control and check on smoke and other alarms. Cancel if a false alarm goes off through your smartphone.