Marketing of a company is very important as it constitutes to the overall success of an organization. It is through marketing  that the company gets to inform their potential customers of what they are about  and the products and services that they offer . It is a channel that is facilitated by the use of certain tools to advertise their businesses to create a larger outreach, which if done well, guarantees better sales and better customer our reach. Currently we have quite a number of platform that organizations can take advantage of to carry out marketing. Companies use social media, written media as well as word of mouth and the most resent one is Email Marketing.  And to manage all this platforms, a new technology called CRM (Customer Relationship Management) has been developed. This entity assists in the management of all company’s relationship and interactions with their customers and their potential customers as well. This system ensures an open ended relationship between the clients and the company.  All sectors of business get to enjoy this technology, be it a company such Ixact Contact CRM which deal with real estate or Hubspot CRM which deals with technology. One of the key strategies CRM uses is email marketing and below are reasons why you should incorporated it into your business.

  1. Cost Effective

Email marketing being a digital platform, saves a company a great deal of money which would have otherwise been used in the printing of advertisements on newspapers and other written medias. Email marketing is also quite flexible as you can work with a standard format, which can be used repeatedly with a few details being edited to fit the advert.

  1. Better Connection With Your Target Market

Email marketers run a filter under which they  get to only send relevant information to a group  of people who actually need the product or service that their business is offering. This goes a long way in ensuring that only the target market is reached hence saves on time and ensures proper utilization of company resources to maximize sales. Email appending solutions can greatly improve your targeting.

  1. Increase Your company’s credibility and Educate Your Clients

Through email marketing, clients get to receive updates about their subscriptions as well as new offers and products the company has to offer. This consistency of information exchange, creates trust between the clients and the organization which in turn results to an increase in their credibility. This good rapport gives the company a good record of accomplishments which comes in handy when convincing new clients to use them for business.

  1. Increase Brand Recognition

With an active communication channel between the company and customers, the brand gets better recognition as the clients speak more about it as well as get to refer them to another potential client. The constant visual presence of your brand colours, logo and tagline through your emails,create a lasting impression to your customers. This impression creates an impact to potential clients where they get to chose your brand first if the need to use your services arise.

  1. Carry Out Market Research and Get Feedback

In cases a client has complains about a service or a product that they purchased, they can easily use the email channel so as to give the feedback. Once this feedback is received, the company gets to take up the necessary steps to rectify the problem to maintain good customer service. The company could also use this platform in carrying out marketing research by sending out questionnaires to their clients with the aim of bettering their services. They could also use this platform to introduce a new product or service by offering them discounts and free trials.   

  1. Helps Grow Your Business

The use of email marketing widens your audience, builds your network outreach and helps you attract new customers. All this results in the growth of your business both in sales and popularity. A company that utilizes this tool is able to set goals and reach them at the stipulated time. They record a high success rate when it comes to market penetration and the conversation rates are quantifiable.


Whether you own a big or a small business, the use of the email marketing will definitely work to your advantage if properly applied.