It is truly said that small things can make big changes. Sometimes, we are not pleased by expensive gifts but a small floral piece can fill us with joy. This theory is followed by women in literal means. Flowers are beautiful to men too but to a limited extent. However, they make a woman go crazy. Either they are sad or happy or annoyed or irritated, it is just one bouquet, and they get happy.

But why is this so? Have you ever thought of the reasons? What is so special in simple flowers that women adore so much? Are flowers different to them than any other gender? Why? Why? Why? So many confusing questions! I will try to cover up all such questions in this post. Be with me to unveil this hidden mystery.

1. Symbol of romance:

The first and most important reason for women to love flowers is that “flowers show romance”. Women are found out to be the most romantic creatures in the world. They want their lives to be like fairy tales with a prince charming and roses play important role in this fairy tale. They always want someone to kneel down and present them bouquets. Women fanatic their lives and they really love getting flowers.

Why don’t decorate a walkway with rose petals and see the magic yourself? Or arrange a romantic dinner with wine and flowers? Trust me you will be amazed to know their reaction!

2. Delicate nature:

Flowers are as delicate as women. Flowers are mostly connected with women due to its soft, delicate and attractive nature. Women really appreciate small and classy things.

3. Twisted meanings:

Women also like flowers due to its twisted nature and amazing presentation of emotions. It is usually seen that taste of women are greatly different and classier than men and when it comes to flowers they generally like their silent meanings. For instance red rose for love, yellow for friendship and daisies for care. It really attracts a woman as they don’t need to speak much about their feelings. Because you know women are shy!

4. Great skincare:

Ladies are beautiful and they want to remain beautiful. For that they do a lot of efforts. To all those who do not know, let me tell you that flowers have beautification properties hence are loved by women. Yes it is true!

You can use flower petals by extracting their oils and adding in your beauty bath. You can also apply it on your skin for a clearer, younger looking skin. So, is there any reason left not to adore flowers? I don’t think so! You rock ladies!

Go for buying fresh flowers from for your beautiful skin.

5. Special feelings:

Women are created very delicate. They really like to be appreciated and admired. It glorifies them. And, to make them feel special, presenting flowers is the best way. They get a sense of special treatment and feel themselves valued.

6. Lovely surprises:

Another very big reason for women to love flowers is that they love surprises especially when it is of fresh roses. Imagine their man knocking at the door and when they open up, they see a guy standing in front with a beautiful bouquet. Just close your eyes and try to imitate that feeling. How beautiful is that!

So, don’t you think a woman’s love for flowers is real?

I hope it is clear now why women are so crazy after flowers. So, never forget to gift them a bouquet from to show your love. Else your love lady will kill you if she will see any guy gifting flowers to her girl. So, warning you before it is too late!