No one could have ever dreamed that social networks would become an essential part of our every day. Considering information, learning, interaction, but also watching the lives and work of others, we become “addicted”to the online world. According to the research conducted by, if something didn’t appear in the online world, if the public didn’t see that, and if it didn’t cause reactions among Internet users, it’s just like it didn’t happen.

On the other hand, our appearance on the Internet matters too. It is something like our ID on the Internet, a presentation of ourselves in the best light to known and unknown people. The number of comments, likes, views,and so on, is the most significant factor of this online popularity. But why is that important to us?

Our Lives Became Contests in Online Popularity

While companies and individuals in need of the Internet for business have worked out strategies to use social networks in the best possible way, many people use this form of free promotion for personal purposes. Some of them can make a profit out of these, but mostly, these are people looking for some “online attention.”

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It seems that today, people have the need to share their intimacy with the world, more than ever. Everyone wants to show how successful they are, which luxury destination they visited or what an exotic dish they tried. Something like online showing off and need for admiration.

Importance of Social Networks

The emergence of social media and their development to the nowadays level have considerably changed our everyday life. While the original purpose was exclusively for communication, today the use of these media became widespread.

Many people spend a couple of hours a day following new online content and checking their social network profiles. Watching photos,commenting on videos, reading news, and thought-provoking articles – sometimes we are just not aware of what we do, and time just fly.

Users are accustomed to keeping up with trends in just a few clicks. It is precisely this availability and ease of use that affects the fact that the world’s largest companies, as well as popular (and less popular)individuals, recognize the marketing capabilities of the networks and start using them for promotional purposes.

Online Popularity Is All about the Numbers

Online popularity functions by a simple principle – one of the main indicators of success are the number of followers, subscribers and all those who are, in some ways, interested in what you offer on the Internet. The number of followers serves the company or individual to achieve a stable presence on social networks, but also to spread its influence.

However, the success measured by numbers is often apparent. For this pseudo-success, especially if it happened in a short time, servers who sell views, likes, followers, etc. are deserved. All those who want to buy online popularity use this trick.

The average Internet users will always look for the numbers.More attention will attract some random account with a million followers than the one with “just” a few tens of thousands of them. Success is primarily measured by numbers; quality content somehow falls into the other plan. This happens because there is no engagement of virtual followers;therefore no one will like, share, and comment on your posts, for real.

The strategy of buying indicators of online success can have favorable results if you use it smartly and gradually. In case you need these numbers to “show off,” and not to place a quality content, those real followers and subscribers will eventually understand that you don’t have anything to offer and will no longer be interested in you.

Great Content Is a Must

One of the most important rules of getting and maintaining popularity in the online world is to publish the content continually, but also to know when to “take a break.” Celebrities, but also artists,business people, and people from different spheres, who know that this kind of marketing is necessary, often have entire teams of people who care about their online appearance.

Besides up-to-date content published at the right moment,social network experts are concerned about being sufficiently represented, so as not to fall into oblivion, and again, not too pushy, so as not to bore the audience. The quality of your content should be outstanding, and here you can find some tips how to achieve that.

If you want to exploit the full potential of the Internet,you have to pay attention to the numbers. Even with the mistakes you make, you can judge what the best strategy for attracting the audience is. Both organizations and individuals use social networks for private or business purposes, which become one of the most powerful promotional tools. If you know how to play this game, it can be of great benefit for you or your product,brand, or company.