Laser technology is one of the four major technological inventions of the twentieth century that are synonymous with atomic energy, semiconductors and computers. The laser has good monochromaticity, coherence and directionality, and can accumulate a high energy density in a small area, which is especially suitable for material processing.

In the late 1970s and early 1980s, a new laser application technology, laser marking technology, emerged and quickly became industrialized, becoming one of the largest application areas of laser processing. The laser marking technology uses computer controlled laser as the processing method. The basic principle is that the computer controls the high energy density focused laser beam to act on the surface of the workpiece, such as mechanical parts, electronic components, instrumentation, etc., which need to be marked according to a predetermined trajectory. The surface material is instantly vaporized or chemically changed to change color, and characters, patterns and the like having a certain depth or color are etched to leave a permanent mark on the surface of the workpiece. Recently, the laser marking machine is getting more and more popular in a wide range of industries.

Laser marking technology has been widely used in all walks of life (see picture below, from molds, metal, jewelry to 3C electronic products, nameplates, ceramic, fabric, leather and so on), bringing broad prospects for high-quality, high-efficiency, pollution-free and low-cost modern processing and production. With the continuous expansion of modern laser marking applications, the requirements for miniaturization, high efficiency and integration of laser manufacturing equipment systems are also higher. So what are the advantages of laser marking and how to choose a high quality laser marking machine supplier?

As a modern precision machining method, laser marking technology has unparalleled advantages compared with traditional processing methods such as corrosion, EDM, mechanical scribing and printing: Firstly, the laser is used as the processing means, and there is no processing force between the workpiece and the workpiece. It has the advantages of no contact, no cutting force and small heat influence, which ensures the original precision of the workpiece. At the same time, the spatial controllability and time control of the laser are very good, and the degree of freedom of the material, shape, size and processing environment of the processed object is very large, and is particularly suitable for automated processing and special surface processing.

Then how to choose a professional laser marking machine manufacturer?

  1. An avant-garde laser marking machine first must adopt unique designs.

With the development of the processing technology and the improvement of the precision requirement, the equipment for the machining has been increasingly improved and undated, meanwhile, professional manufacturers also adopt the state-of-art equipments, matching with the advanced production.

For example, as a reliable laser marking machine manufacturer, Taste Laser has been devoted itself to R&D, production and sales of high-end 3D fiber, high power CO2 laser marking machine and laser cutting machine, UV laser marking machine etc. to meet the market demand of advanced marking machines. Taste Laser marking systems focus the industry experience and application knowledge for years with profound experience in industries of leather, paperboard, textile, mobile phone, smart home and LED lighting etc. Their innovative products are not only able to meet many present demands for customers in manufacturing and research industries, but also satisfy their future demands.

Larger optical lenses with smaller spot are worth mention in the Super CO2 Laser Marking Machine from Taste Laser. With the adoption of zinc selenide lenses and high-power coating, the light transmittance can reach to more than 99%, withstanding 3000W high power with good stability, low thermal expansion coefficient.

Other designs like unique cavity design can help achieve better beam quality. The absoprptive platform makes objects close to the working plate. The independently developed optical system, control system and drive system are more effective, efficient and cost-effective than ordinary scanners. Combined with a larger galvanometers lens, it can achieve a better, more sophisticated beam and high-speed scanning when controlling rotational intertia at the same time. Adoption of all-digital controlled card from Germany, strong drive capability of resisting disturbance.

  1. Advanced techniques

Marvelous design and sophisticated structure rely on advanced techniques for their display and production. Without excellent techniques, laser marker life span will be influenced. That’s basically the same as making bricks without straw. As the science and technology are developing together with the improvement of consumers’ judgment, people are no longer satisfied with simple pattern design and prefer tough parts that bring greater user experience.

The “3-axis” optical path system from Taste Laser subject to 3-axis control can make a focal distance freely variable through the 3-axis lens offset.

The auto focus function can greatly reduce errors and complete the marking preparation quickly. The dynamic focusing large-span technology had integrated the marking and cutting abilities, featuring larger effective coverage, higher degree of fineness and better uniformity.

What kind of laser marking machine manufacturer can delight your customers? You can play it safe by relying on what is using great designs and advanced techniques. Taste Laser can indeed offer us all of this.