Using Instagram as a marketing tool for the technology age is all the rave these days as more and more companies are getting in on the idea. The popularity of the social network as well as how easy it is to create an account and promote content on it have made it the latest area of attention for companies and businesses alike who are looking for new ways to spread the word about their brand in a bid to attract more customers. The large audience and the age make-up of it that Instagram provides in addition to the lowered costs involved in running a marketing campaign through the social network mean that countless business endeavours are wising up to its potential and giving it a go.

Why engagement is important

If you are in need of boosting the popularity of your profile on the social network, you are going to need more interaction from your followers and other Instagram users. This engagement from more users is what grabs the attention of the people running Instagram. If they can see that your profile is one whose content is generating a lot of activity in the form of followers, views, likes and comments then you will be a candidate for a bigger push. This means that your content will gain more prominence in the feeds of Instagram users who follow you while it is more likely they will appear higher up the list if people search for content that has the same hashtags as yours.

How to get people’s attention

The main ways to get this attention is by producing content for Instagram that garners a positive reaction from Instagram users. If its a story, views are the important part while for regular posts and pictures, likes and comments are the most important interactions that are taken into account. Because of this, the importance placed on Instagram users and the influence they have on what goes up and what comes down is rightly regarded as a powerful position. These simple actions which they control can have wide-ranging influences and can prove to be very important for Instagram accounts, especially those who are looking to make their mark and enhance their brand on the social media app.

Should I buy Instagram likes?

This, in turn, has led to Instagram users feeling the need to go out and buy 100 likes. There are plenty of websites out there who offer the service and, for a small fee, you can get your hands on a number of likes that you are free to dispense as you please. These likes come from real Instagram accounts and, on your say so, they will give likes to content on your Instagram account which you feel is worthy of more appreciation. Similarly, you can use the likes to drive up the popularity of the content in the hope that this will lead to more people seeing it and, subsequently, more people engaging with it in a positive way.

What’s so important about Instagram likes?

On the most basic level, Instagram likes are a simple indicator that an Instagram user appreciates the content that has been added to an account. They can be given for many different reasons. It could be that the content is something that the user giving the like identifies with, it could be some statement or opinion that they feel strongly about and agree with, it could be something that reminds them of a different time, it could be something they find funny or entertaining or cute. The possibilities are endless. The important thing for the user receiving the like is that they got them. Likes may seem like a simple enough action but the more of them you get, the better chance you have of your profile reaching further beyond your followers and the bigger your circle of influence grows.

What are some ways to get more likes?

The simple answer is to post content that people will enjoy in one way or another. Once you have an idea of what your followers like, as well as other Instagram users, then you can think about how you can prepare content that focuses more on their interests in a bid to play to them and get more likes. You can try running a competition where Instagram users are only able to enter if they give your post a like. You can also use Instagram as a place to post good news which will undoubtedly result in likes from people wishing to congratulate you.

I’ve got the likes. What now?

By getting more likes, you establish yourself and your brand as being popular and this is the first step to expanding and gaining more influence on a bigger stage. As your account becomes more popular, your message is able to reach more people and you are likely to get more likes. Its something that occurs naturally as Instagram accounts grow. The key part is getting started and getting to a level where it can happen.