MaxConverter is an online video converter. By online video converter, we mean that the application is accessible through your browser without installing a specific application first. The ability to convert any video and audio file will allow you to play it back later after you download the converted version. For instance, you can easily convert MP4 to MP3 using MaxConverter and get the audio file within a matter of minutes.

Online video converter is better

The online video and audio converter will allow you to convert one format of video or audio to another. The online video converter, specifically MaxConverter, will give you the best experience of converting the media into the other types online without installing special software of application at the first place. The process is easy and swift, which only takes a few minutes.

Other than that, the tool supports so many devices and various operating systems. MaxConverter offers an easy yet convenient way to convert your video or audio format into another format so you can open it in another device. Other than that, there is no need to download and install a specific application because everything is done online.

With various types of device available on the market, the online video converter will save your valuable time especially when you try to organize videos for your clients. Using the online mp4 to mp3 converter involves the transcoding or encoding work. There is a set of complicated work behind this process but in the end, we just get the finished work and enjoy it.

Features offered by MaxConverter

When it comes to the main features of MaxConverter, we are eager to tell you that this online tool can do a lot of things without asking you to download and install a specific application at the first place. Besides the tool is easy to use and operate, you can choose the output format just like what you wish. The conversion only takes a few minutes or so and you can download the result immediately.

MaxConverter will not limit how many times you will use to make a conversion. It means that you can use this tool anytime and from anywhere. As long as you have an internet connection, you will always be able to use this online converter tool.

Since the process is processed through online, you do not need to download a specific application and install it in your device. All you need is to open its official website and choose the video or audio that will be converted. After you push the “convert” button, you will get your result in a few seconds. After the file is ready, you can download the converted version of your file.

The other conveniences of this online converter tool are the wide range of format options you can choose and how the quick process will make your day. No matter what audio or video file you want to convert, MaxConverter will always be there for you. If you need to convert video and audio for business, this tool is a suitable one for you.

This audio converter also prioritizes your security. You do not need to worry if your confidential file will be shared. The system will automatically delete your file after 3 hours. It means that no one knows the file you just converted besides you and the cloud. This is why MaxConverter is such the right online converter tool even for a business.

Performances offered by MaxConverter

When it comes to its performance, the tool can convert a file up to 250 MB. So, if your video size is big enough and you only need to audio then you can convert it easily as long as the size is not more than 250 MB. We also mentioned that you can use this online converter tool anytime and anywhere. This is because MaxConverter is compatible with almost all operating systems available in the markets such as Windows, Linux, MaxOS, Android, iOS, and so on.

How to convert videos and audios online?

Basically, the process is very easy and only takes a short time when you do it. It basically depends on your speed of internet connection. And some people need to convert their video or audio format because in case the other devices cannot view the original file format.

All you need to do is visiting the official website of MaxConverter and you will see a box where you must insert the video you want to convert. After you have found the video or audio you want to convert, you can choose the output format. There is a drop-down menu where you can choose the output format before the machine starts to convert the file.

After everything is set, you can push the “convert” button. The online software will work to convert your file. After a few seconds or minutes, you will see that your file has been converted and you can download it. The file you have uploaded to the system will be automatically deleted after 3 hours. The safety and security are highly maintained.

The benefits of converting audios and videos online

There are several benefits that can be gained by converting file online instead of using a certain application that requires you to download it first. The first and foremost benefit of converting audio and video online is that you use the internet to do it. Anytime you involve the internet it means that you can access it no matter where you are right now. So, as long as you are on earth then you can convert your files.

On the other hand, MaxConverter provides a lot of features at its best performance. The output format and the quality of the video can be chosen easily. It only requires several clicks to make the process done. This online tool, in fact, provides a fast speed to upload and download your file, which is a total convenience.


If you need an online tool for video and audio converter, MaxConverter is the best option for you. The process is simple and quick. Besides, you do not need to register or pay for a subscription at all. This online tool is totally free for anyone.