Nowadays, it is not pleasant to face slow internet issue, if your daily routine activities relate to the internet. There may be various reasons for the slow Internet, but first, you need to figure out that the problem is by your end or from your main network provider.The reasons for the slow internet can be divided into two groups; external and internal. For external reasons, you may consider those that lie outside your computer system and which are difficult to solve on your own. To restore the cliffs for external reasons, you must contact the service provider. The internal ones are completely manageable to the solution on their own, as they are within the range of your own computer system.

Check internet speed.

Before checking for external or internal causes, you should perform an internet speed test to verify that what is the actual internet speed you are getting by the provider. For example; if you are using Etisalat internet connection, so you should perform an Etisalat speed test from your device to verify the speed. If your ISP doesn’t offer its own tool for measuring the speed, use a third-party speed test.

External causes of Internet slow speed:

1. Problems with the provider.

The provider is an intermediary between you and the global network. All that you request or receive from the network must pass through the provider. You should contact them if you are getting almost zero internet signals. It is also worth checking the chosen tariff plan and the internal rules for providing access to the Internet. If the tariff plan is over the Internet access can be automatically blocked by the provider system.

2. Break of communication channels.

For an accurate diagnosis of such reasons, you need to know the type and characteristics of the physical communication channel through which the Internet comes to you within your premises.If this is a cable channel type (for example, telephone, television coaxial or twisted pair), be sure to check the integrity of the corresponding wires that are laid in your apartment.

The telephone connection often used with ADSL or Dial-Up channels to connect to the Internet can be diagnosed using a regular phone that connects instead of a modem. The absence of beeps in the handset will tell about the damaged line.

Internal reasons for shutting down the Internet.

After checking for the external reasons, you should have a look at the internal settings now.

4. Incorrect settings.

It will be better if you conduct a revision of the connection settings of your device. You can get these settings from your provider or find one if they have already provided to you.It will be enough for you to “run through” all the points according to the instructions of the provider to check the connection.

5. Blocking viruses.

Today, there are many types of malicious programs that are hiding in the system, selectively block connections to certain sites, or even all Internet traffic in the user system. To combat such viruses, use any updated anti-virus system, which is recommended to run from an external boot disk.

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