Cameras in the smartphone era


Earlier on the technology history of man there were cameras carried around so that people can always capture their precious moments. That was a common practice in the past and nobody complained about the excessive weight a camera used to have.

Nowadays, the camera is getting gradually replaced by the smartphone, that seems to have the same features to a modern HD camera. The combination keeps on being challenging for many persons. As a result, the demand for cameras has been gradually declining.

On the other hand, there are still places where you can find the specialized camera you need, in the best available prices. Have always in mind that people who love picture capturing and filming are never compromising with the cell phones cameras.

What’s wrong with the smartphone?


Nothing is wrong with taking some ordinary and everyday pictures using your smartphone. To be honest this is what most of the people are doing these days. But perfection isn’t easy to capture when using a simple smartphone.

There is no way you can have the same analysis and megapixels in the smartphone like the ones you are going to have in a professional and dedicated camera. No matter how hard cell phone developers are trying there is no way to have the same analysis in the phone and the camera.

Not to mention, that the smartphone is also having more memory for the phone activities rather than for the image capturing and storing. That means, you cannot be able to store as much pictures as you like, and you will never enjoy the quality you really want to be satisfied.

Is there something different with action cameras?

Lately. The action cameras have set the trend for most millennials. Younger people that are into outdoors activities are really fond of sharing their experiences with their friends. They also use the social media to post pictures and stories.

The need for the action cameras has been created when these people started buying expensive equipment to keep the cameras stable when they are moving. Mountain bike cycling. Water rafting or even parachute jumping are activities that usually get recorded using the action cameras.

These cameras are usually smaller than the compatible ones and have great analysis. In addition, they have an anti-vibration mechanism to help the video image stabilize when you are shaking during all your great activities.

The action cameras have a large battery capacity to support these activities and can be mounted on top of your helmet or your boat when you are performing extreme sports. They are easily operated and can give you direct access to your videos at request.

Plus you can upload all the amazing content to your social media profiles and cloud storages as well, provided that you have a reliable internet package similar to what Spectrum Plans offer.

Cheap and compact cameras are thriving

This type of cameras looks like an upgrade from the regular cell phones but in a more professional attire. They have their own ability to fascinate their audience especially with their quality of capturing in terms of analysis, as well as their storage power and battery capacity.

If you find yourself being extremely preoccupied with the quality of your pictures then it’s better to get an affordable and compact camera. This purchase will give you the chance to take satisfactory videos and pictures that can be admired by your online friends and gather tons of likes.

You have to be extremely careful with the sensor function on these cameras, as it can significantly interfere with the quality of pictures and videos you are recording. Moreover, compact cameras have the advantage of the better zoom that smartphones don’t have to such an extent.

They can offer you the chance to capture distant items and this is a quality highly appreciated by users across the world. These cameras can do the work for you especially when you are a beginner photographer with no extreme expectations from your equipment.


Travel compact cameras lead the innovation


This type of cameras is leading the competition since it can offer a more sophisticated zoom to photographers. The long zoom option that typically reaches the x30 range cannot easily be beaten by any modern smartphone.

That is why the development of such cameras is thriving and has not been threatened by smartphones, since we are talking about a completely different market. They also have pocket abilities and can be easily carried alongside with your personal belongings anywhere you may travel.

Modern technology has made these travel cameras extremely lightweight and you can use the virtually anywhere. Some of them also have waterproof abilities that offer you the chance to take pictures while you are performing diving.


Bridge cameras give superior quality


For the pure professionals there is nothing else to check other than the bridge cameras. They are bigger than the compact ones and cannot be carried with the same ease. Most of the times you need a hard cover to safely relocate them and a tender cloth to wipe the lenses.

These cameras are most alike the old ones in terms of lens accuracy and zoom capacity. But they have fully integrated the digital technology so that they keep being compatible with most of your high-end digital devices you already have, like laptops, tablets and smartphones.

They have a higher sensor size to give you extreme picture quality and offer you monumental zooms usually for less money than a normal high-tech smartphone cost. They also have automatic zoom and focus DSLR controls which offer increased versatility when you want to switch from picture to video recording and vice versa.




There are many types of cameras to look for. The best of them are certainly not competing with smartphones since they are serving different customer needs. The cameras have the ability to record your precious moments and store them safely so that you can share them with your beloved ones.

Make sure you invest money and time when purchasing a new camera, to ensure that all your needs and expectations will be met to the fullest extent.