While using a PC, Laptop, or Mobile you must have come across the lagging of your system. This mainly happens due to junk, cache files, and cookies. There are lots of software programs available on the internet for cleaning malicious files from your device and make them faster and smoother. CCleaner and Glary Utilities are two of the best and widely used utility applications out of them. For finding which is better CCleaner or Glary Utilities, here we will be doing a head-to-head comparison between CCleaner and Glary Utilities.

Overview of CCleaner and Glary Utilities

CCleaner is one of the well-known and globally used system optimization software programs. It effectively cleans out potentially unnecessary files and invalid entries from the PC’s registry. This PC optimization software is an ideal tool for users who frequently perform disk cleanup as it let you schedule future cleanups without being interrupted.

On the flip side, Glary Utilities is all-in-one utility software that optimizes user’s devices, repairs issues, protects user’s privacy, and helps users to customize their PC or laptop.


Comparison Of Features To Find Which is better CCleaner or Glary Utilities?

There are lots of features that you may get with Glary Utilities and CCleaner. Now let’s have a look at the features offered by these two programs. Now, let’s compare them one by one to know which is better CCleaner or Glary Utilities.

Key Features of CCleaner

  • CCleaner lets you control which apps or software use your system’s resources.
  • It protects user’s privacy by removing tracking files and browsing data.
  • A new feature called PC Health Check automatically analyzes, fixes, and tunes the user’s PC performance.
  • It keeps an eye on the user’s PC and monitors junks in real-time. Later you can delete them to make more space in your system.
  • This PC optimization software automatically cleans the browsing history whenever you close it.
  • Apart from these key features, CCleaner also offers some other features such as Software updater, Defraggler, File recovery, and Speccy.

Key Features of Glary Utilities

  • Glary Utilities removes malware from your system and keeps your system secure from unwanted vulnerabilities.
  • This software claims to speed up your PC by 8 times and fixes errors, crashes, and freezes.
  • It protects your privacy by keeping your internet browsing private and cleans up all your browsing history.
  • It comes with an auto-maintenance tool that takes care of your system on its own.
  • Glary Utilities reduce the boot time of the user’s device up to 50%.


Registry Management

If your Computer frequently crashing then there is definitely something wrong with your device’s registry. Both CCleaner and Glary Utilities are considered top registry optimizers, though they are quite different from each other. Both software has a free registry cleaning option that picks the files left behind uninstalling a program.


CCleaner has standard registry cleaning features that work perfectly on most platforms and make extra space in your system that lets your PC run smoother and stable. It also lets you back up the system files before optimizing the registry.


While Glary Utilities also offers a registry cleaning in its free version but it doesn’t work as perfectly as CCleaner does. You have to pay for Glary Pro to get access to the Deep registry cleaner that comes with full services. You can also have a look at the Glary Utilities vs Advanced SystemCare comparison for knowing how efficient Glary Utility is in terms of optimizing registry.

One-Click Cleaning and Ease Of Use

Both PC optimization software programs come with a single-click cleaning feature and have pretty much the same cleaning functionality. Both software scans your hard drive and search for any suspicious or unnecessary files and remove them to make extra space in your system.

In terms of single-click cleaning, Glary Utilities is faster than CCleaner. Although, the difference isn’t that big and both of them come out pretty evenly in one-click cleaning.

However, CCleaner has an advantage in terms of design as the UI of CCleaner is more clean and well sorted. So, both newbies and professionals can use it will ease. Comparatively, Glary Utilities has a bit messy UI and if you are a first-time user then you may get a bit puzzled while using it.

System Management

CCleaner and Glary Utilities aren’t just limited to disk cleaning and registry scan. They come with a bundle of system managers and plugins. Some of their functions are quite similar but there are key differences between the two.

Both CCleaner and Glary Utilities allow users to manage their options of the startup. Both allow you to drastically reduce the startup time by limiting the applications you want to run on launch. Glary even comes with a window that measures your startup time. However, CCleaner takes more clicks and navigation to get it done.

Below we have mentioned some of the key features of CCleaner and Glary Utilities:

Customer Support

Both the PC optimization software have good options for customer support to their users. CCleaner assists its users with FAQs, Tutorial videos, and community forums. It also offers priority customer support to its paid customers.


Whereas, Glary Utilities also offers a great knowledge base of 24/7 technical support, FAQs, and forums to solve their user’s queries.

Price Plan & Money-back Policy

Price Of Various CCleaner Plans

With CCleaner, you may find two paid plans and both these plans are backed up with a 30 days money back guarantee and at best price. These plans are:

  • CCleaner Professional: This plan costs around $19.95 and you can use it on a single device only.
  • CCleaner Professional Bundle: This plan costs around $34.95 and provides 3 simultaneous connections. This plan is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Android devices.

Price Of Glary Utilities Plans

Glary Utilities only offers a single paid plan to its users. This plan includes both privacy and security features. The cost of this plan is $19.97 and provides 3 simultaneous connections. It is compatible with Windows and Mac devices. This plan is also backed with a 90 days money-back guarantee.

The Bottom Line

So far we have compared the various aspects of these programs and on the basis of them, we can conclude that if you are looking for a PC optimization software that not just speeds up your PC but also automatically keeps a check on the health of your PC then CCleaner is a good choice for you. However, if you want software that protects your PC from malware and reduces the boot time of your device up to 50% then we would recommend you to choose Glary Utilities.