Menstrual Cup

Are you searching for an eco-friendly alternative to pads and tampons? If this be the case, you should try menstrual cups. This bell shaped barrier, worn inside the vagina, serves as a form of period protection. Rather than absorbing the menstrual fluid, it acts as a storage vessel until it is time to remove the cup. Menstrual cups are more inconspicuous than sanitary napkins and can take two times as much fluid than the typical tampon without changing it. If this is not enough, there is no risk of leakage too. Searching online for “menstrual cups” will provide with thousands of results, and you might be wondering where to buy a menstrual cup? Instead of opting for the first result you come across online, purchase menstrual cups manufactured by LaliCup.


Advantages of menstrual cups and why choose LaliCup

It is the perfect asset for active women due to its larger storage capacity, making it perfect for women who engage in active lifestyles such as marathon running, hiking, and traveling. On the one hand, most companies use latex or Bisphenol A (BPA) for manufacturing such cups. On the other hand, LALICUP only uses 100% medical grade silicon (hypoallergenic silicone) meaning that the wearer is safe from unwanted allergies and irritation. Apart from this, the LaliCup menstrual cups does not irritate the vaginal mucosa by absorbing all of the vaginal fluid along with your blood.


No fluid leakage

The design of this reusable variety allows you to use it for up to 15 years, making it both friendly for the environment and economical too. These cups does away with dampness, as they store the menstrual fluids inside the body, they reduce odor typically caused due to leakage of trace amounts of menstrual fluid leakage, a typical problem with sanitary napkins and tampons.


Friendly for the environment

On an average, a woman uses approximately 17,000 hygiene pads during her lifetime. The disposable pads and tampons harm the environment, and so does their packaging. As menstrual cups by LaliCup are designed to last for many years, you protect the environment by wearing them. Tampons and disposable pads are paper based, and thousands of trees are cut down annually to prepare paper for their manufacture. You can protect the dangers posed to the ecology by wearing cups manufactured by LaliCup. Cleaning the device is as simple as emptying the collected blood in the toilet and then cleaning the cup with water. You also save a huge sum of money by using this product. A simple calculation of the average cost of tampons required for one month will reveal that you can recover the cost of LaliCup menstrual cups in only three months.



LaliCup menstrual cup provides you with comfort when you are swimming, participating in sporting activities, and even when you are sleeping. Its medical grade silicon does not hurt your private parts even when you are exercising. Thanks to its soft edges and smooth texture, inserting it in place is simple and quick. Remember, purchase your requirements from the official website of the manufacturer to ensure you get genuine products.

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