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Although we don’t think much about this but the mouth should taste neutral all the time. The tongue has around 10,000 taste buds and the exciting part is that all of these taste buds are replaced every two weeks. Soifit’s a month passed and you’re still having that awful metallic taste in mouth then chances are it’s not related to taste bud or some food, there is some underlying medical condition. Don’t let these metallic taste in mouth and headache hold you back.

The cause of metallic taste in mouth is not much obvious as the symptoms could point to hundreds of different diagnosis and the fact that these kind of metallic taste in mouth usually go away on their own makes them considered lightly across the globe. It’s a wise idea to take it seriously since all the time there is some taste in your mouth while by nature, a being is not supposed to taste hours after any eatable. It definitely should draw your attention.

While the matter seems a bit overwhelming, it’s quite not that much of a threat or problem. We have compiled a list of possible causes behind the metallic taste ij mouth so that you can get a notion of what’s basically happening around. The words here are just to give a rough idea, you should probably give a good visit to your medical care provider for better assistance.

  1. Medicines. If you are on some sort of medicine then chances are this metallic taste in mouth and nausea is caused by some of the bad things this medicine is doing in your body. While the purpose of the medicine is to simple help but at times what helps one part of the body ends up hurting the other one. If you are prescribed with some sort of drugs which are helping you with some illness than chances is that metallic taste in mouth is caused by these medicines as a by-product. You should definitely discus the matter with your medical care provider to consider alternate medicines
  2. Infections. Some of the infections such as the flu, sinusitis, or acute bronchitis end up producing foul taste in the mouth. Many times the phlegm produced in the respiratory area ends up blessing the mouth with the metallic taste. If youare experiencing some increased mucus production or a cough accompanies by phlegm then this metallic taste in mouth might have to do with some of these infections. The good part is that these infections go away on their own but still it’s a wise approach to visit your health provider.
  3. Dementia. What if there is no such thing as metallic taste in your mouth and yet your brain is sending signals that there is some sort of weird metallic taste in the mouth? Well that’s definitely there and it’s better known as Dementia. It’s a disease which is characterized by the neurological damage to the brain in such a manner that it destroys the working of any particular area of the brain which end up producing foul tastes in the mouth. While this one is complicated and hard to catch on, you should definitely check out the other symptoms of Dementia. It’s most common to boxers who are addicted to some punches straight onto the head.
  4. Chemotherapy. If you are going through some of the chemotherapy sessions then this metallic taste in mouth and fatigueis no surprise. Due to the heavy doses of the chemo medicine, there develops some foul tastes in the mouth because of the highly dense configuration of those medicines. If you are having a chemotherapy and are irritated by these metallic tastes in the mouth then you should better let your health care provider know about it so that they can better assist you with some alternate medicines.
  5. Allegies. Certain allergies specifically those related to the food can directly bring in some metallic taste in mouth. This one’s easy to figure out as everyone has the idea for what they are consuming for the past week continuously. If you are regularly consuming some sort of eatable then you need to better give it a break to see how much of an impact it’s causing for producing foul taste in the mouth.

As the 5 reasons for metallic taste in mouth are over, it’s time to end up this article. If you had some metallic taste in the mouth and got it all figured out then do share with us in comments below so that all of the people can benefit from that. 

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