A VPN network, or VPN tunnel, is a Virtual Private Network that can be used to ensure your internet connection; it’s  far away to be a new invention, in fact, in a first opportunity, it was used by presses and big data savers to insure their intranets and give access to their employees, it was a press only service.

Today, fortunately, we are all able to access a VPN from our own local connections. So, if you want to know more about what is a VPN network, just keep reading this article.

Why do we need a VPN in 2019?

Today, in our wonderful 2019, we live literally in the future. We have a world-wide web which we can use from anywhere in the world, and we can navigate for it, play through it, negotiate in it, and even have a complete parallel life inside it. So, if we can do all that, it means we are also very exposed.

Using VPN for security

In this brand new world, there are threats in every corner; hackers, viruses, malware, insecure connections, ransomware and many others who can cause huge damage in our parallel lives; stealing our identities, money, privacy, and disrupting our devices; so, for preventing all this, we need a VPN when we are navigating inside a non-secure site.

Using VPN to unlock geo-blocked websites

In the same way we use a VPN to make sure our connection, we can use it to unlock sites when we want to get access to a locked or forbidden website in our countries. A VPN can camouflage your IP address to cheat your country’s censorship by entering with a foreign VPN.

When you get on the internet from a VPN with an IP from another country, you can access the page using also a foreign DNS and that’s how, for you, the web page won’t be locked, even if you remain in your home country.

Using VPN for the dark web

We strongly not recommend it, because getting there is vert dangerous for a common user, even with a good anti-virus; but, even in these hidden places of the internet, you can navigate without any trouble using a good VPN service.

Using VPN for Netflix and Amazon Prime

A VPN network can be used to get on Netflix or Amazon Prime and watch content that it’s only for USA users. You can cheat Netflix and enjoy the content that’s not available in your home country. Users strongly recommend get on Netflix with a VPN, because there is a lot of good content available only in the US, or only in Europe, and, with a VPN you can enjoy it as well.

Using VPN for buying safely

Some online stores let you use a VPN for better security when paying. This practice is being lesser common while web inner security improves, because, with a VPN is very difficult to identify buyers. Some countries have forbidden the use of VPN for buying, but many stores that keep allowing it.

Using a VPN for playing

When we play multiplayer games, we are long time exposing our devices to many other users that may not be there for playing only. They can steal all the information you put in the server and even intercept your payments for keeping your money. With a VPN you can encrypt all your data, so you can play securely.

Using a VPN is very necessary today, for evading every kind of threats, censorship or restrictions and freely navigate through the web. So, if you are about to contract a VPN service, compare its benefits and prices for choosing the very best for covering all your needs.