Chemical tube with reaction formula in light

Are you wondering what are fine chemicals? For those who don’t know, fine chemicals are single and pure chemicals that are created in small quantities through multi-purpose plants. There are numerous manufacturing firms, which create chemicals in large amount with the help of standardized reactions. However, when it comes to fine chemicals, are only produced by some companies.

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What Are Fine Chemicals?

In earlier times, drugs were produced by extracting the substances from plants and herbs. With the passage of time, scientists learned about extracting and isolating compounds from raw materials. During the biotechnological or batch manufacturing process, fine chemicals are produced in small quantities.

There are several complex and the small process involved in the creation of fine chemicals such as hydrolysis, synthesis, extraction, and biotechnology. Such chemicals are useful when it is mixed with other chemicals. This is to make sure it reaches its full potential.

Processes Used for Making Fine Chemicals

Here are the processes that are usually used for making fine chemicals.


In biotechnology, organisms or their life processes are used for creating products that will make the world a better living place. It will create technologies that will improve our health. There are 3 main areas of this process: biosynthesis, biocatalysis, and cell culture technology.

Chemical Synthesis

It is a process in which one or more than one chemical reaction changes the raw material into multiple products. It has been useful for chemists as it helped in learning the biological and physical properties of the different compounds.


In this process, water is used to break the chemical compound. It is used in the creation of fine chemicals by breaking down the proteins into amino acids through heat.


This process involves isolation and purification of substances from plants and animals. The products might include antibacterial, proteins hormones, steroids, polysaccharides, and alkaloids. It is useful for making cosmetics, foods, and pharmaceuticals.

Types of Fine Chemicals

There are three main categories of fine chemicals. These chemicals are never sold in the natural state. Before selling, some substances like excipients, uncreative pigments, and solvents are added to the chemicals.

Here are the types of fine chemicals you can find easily.

  • Biocides- this type of fine chemicals are used for killing pests and weeds. It includes herbicides and pesticides.
  • Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients- such fine chemicals are used as a medical drug. This is why they are produced in varying doses.
  • Specialty Chemicals- it is used in different processes like additive in plastics, ceramics, antioxidants, and glass.

Usage of Fine Chemicals

In the chemical industry, fine chemical is used for special purposes. Mostly, it is used in the following fields:

  • Agriculture
  • Paint
  • Adhesives
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Petrochemical

Therefore, fine chemicals are everywhere. It is crucial for the chemical industry. Most of the products that are used by us on a daily basis include an ingredient that has fine chemicals. It can be found in medicines, insecticides, processed foods, and many other products.