Buying a new car can be exhausting. It is not only a big investment, but you also want to satisfy your needs and avoid stress for the future. Start by deciding whether you want to pay cash, take out a loan or lease your new car. Also make sure that you pay attention to the costs of registration at the tourist office, the license plates and also the insurance.

You should also base your decision on the fact that you have chosen the model you want not only because of its reliability, but also because of its low operating costs. Because a new vehicle also has many operating costs, such as fuel, wear, insurance and taxes.

Ideally, you should test drive all the cars you want to buy in quick succession to see the impressions for comparison. Consider a morning or afternoon for the process, and do so if possible, during the week when the dealer is not too busy. This will avoid dissatisfaction after the purchase.

Using pricing guides such as Schwacke or, you can go hunting and find out what other people in your area are paying for the car you want. Enter all the options you want on the website, and in some cases even the exact colour, as all these factors affect the price of the vehicle. You can find the best price for new cars at Auto24Team.

Make sure you know what incentives and discounts are available for the vehicle you want. Most manufacturer websites list current offers that usually change every month.

If you are negotiating by email or phone, ask that the car be delivered to you instead of picking it up from the dealer. It’s fast and stress-free. Pay particular attention to the warranty offered by the seller. These can only cover a fraction of the defects, so you should get all the more information about them.