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Digital marketing is forever changing. Every year, several new digital marketing trends emerge and it’s often hard to keep up. With so much change and innovation happening on a continuous basis, it’s hard for businesses to keep. So what exactly should you be prioritising right now in order to thrive as a business?

Video Content

When it comes to digital marketing, video content is still king. Customers love videos. They love to watch them, they love to share them and they want more of them.

Video is a fantastic tool for sharing a lot of information in a short space of time. It’s also a great way to impress new customers by showcasing your business or products. Customers retain more information from video format than they do from an article and they are also more likely to make a commitment or a purchase after watching video content. And finally, this kind of content can also help with your SEO efforts.

So whatever your strategy is for digital marketing this year, make sure video content is a part of it.

Artificial Intelligence

From customer service Chatbots to voice assistance, Artificial Intelligence continues to dominate the digital marketing world. And with more and more advancements occurring regularly, the use of Artificial Intelligence is online going to increase as the years go on.

Of course, AI is a huge and complicated field and not all uses of AI will be useful or suitable for your business. To fully understand how to utilise AI and harness it’s powers for your business’ growth, you should consult a team of experts in the field. They can help you identify which areas of your business and digital marketing strategy could benefit from the use of AI.


We’re living in an increasingly informed society when it comes to our data and how companies use it for advertising and so on. Customers therefore appreciate honesty and transparency when it comes to how you retrieve and process their information. Make this information visible, accessible, clear and easy to read and your customers will thank you for it.

Personalised & Targeted Advertising

With so much information about user browsing habits now available online, there really is no excuse for generic advertisements. Customers now expect adverts that are relevant to them and they get frustrated with vague or irrelevant material. So when it comes to advertising, whether it is pay-per-click or sending an e-mail newsletter, make it as personalised as possible.

Private Messaging Apps

Messaging apps like Whatsapp and WeChat are fast gaining control of the digital world. With so many people are turning to these apps for the majority of their digital communication, it’s only a matter of time until businesses start utilising them to make money. Over the next year, more and more businesses will be enabling payments via messaging apps and exploring other ways to monetise them.

The bottom line here is that customers value convenience above all else, so in order to remain competitive in your market, you should consider exploring this too.

And finally… Have a Plan

This is perhaps the most important and most effective digital marketing strategy of all. With so many strategies and trends constantly emerging, it’s easy to get side-tracked. But by trying to do everything, you’ll actually end up achieving nothing. Remember that not all strategies and digital marketing techniques will apply to every business. In order to succeed you need to take your time to identify the strategies that would be most beneficial to your business. This will of course depend on a variety of factors including your short term and long term goals as a business.

So in order to get the most out of your digital marketing efforts this year, make a detailed plan prioritising the strategies that work best for your business and then stick to it.

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