An electric motor is a complex machinery with moving and stationary parts. When it comes to the moving parts, it is important that they rotate around a very precise axis to maximize the output as well as to minimize the possibility of damage.

One of the best things you can do for your motor is do a preventative maintenance, or if it has already displayed some symptoms, repair it. You can learn more about electric motor repair here

Common Causes of Unbalance

Simply put, there’s only one reason why the unbalance happens – the mass of the rotor is not distributed equally and when it rotates, it causes the unbalance, which only gets worse over time. That being said, the causes of this uneven distribution of weight are different.

The most likely culprit for the misbalance is a buildup of some sort, most commonly grease or plain dirt. The buildup is most likely not distributed equally, which gradually throws the whole rotor off balance. However, it is possible that the cause of your motor’s unbalance is simply wear and tear which comes as a result of normal use.

A bit less likely, but still possible causes include corrosion of the motor’s bearings. However, in order to have corrosion, your motor would need to be exposed to excessive moisture, so you should know that beforehand and make sure that you check for corrosion every once in a while.

If your motor has been maintained or serviced improperly, there is a chance that it was reassembled poorly and that may very easily cause problems. That’s why you should only trust professional mechanic services like to handle the maintenance.

Why Is Unbalance So Dangerous

The premier cause of premature failure of electric motors, and more specifically, the rotors. With the speeds that electric motors reach, and the mass of the rotor, it is easy to see how much damage can be done. If not treated promptly, you could be facing a complete failure of the motor, meaning that you will have to replace it or pay for very expensive repairs.

What Can I Do About It?

The simplest thing is to take your electric motor to a qualified and skilled technician for repairs, more specifically for balancing. There are several key improvements which you can expect to see after the balancing.

The most noticeable one will be less noise. Electric motors are never completely silent, but there is a big difference between a gentle hum of a fully functional motor and the noise coming out of the machine. Not only does it have the potential to damage your motor, it can also bother the person who comes in contact with it.

An unbalanced motor will vibrate as the result of the unbalance. How severely depends on the unevenness of the weight distribution on the rotor. However, when you balance the motor, you can expect the vibration to be significantly reduced, or gone completely. Not only will you enjoy more working with it, it will also have the benefit of protecting the bearings of the motor from early deterioration.

Finally, the energy consumption of an unbalanced motor is somewhat bigger than that of a fully functioning motor. Some amount of energy is wasted on the unnecessary and undesirable shaking and vibrating. So, once you fix the unbalance, you can expect to have the energy consumption down.

Electric motors are versatile and useful, but they still do require maintenance, so if you detect any change for the worse, do not hesitate to contact your mechanic. Your electric motor and your wallet will surely thank you.