This is a post that I am trying to write for quite some time now, and the reason is that I want to share with you the truth about Wealthy Affiliate so that you can make can make an informed decision whether you should be part of this platform or not.

I only write content that I understand will benefit my readers! I don’t want to write just to put some affiliate links out there and earn some money. So first I will tell you that I am a proud member of the Wealthy Affiliate and I know this platform since 2015.

I read many people reviews on the internet, and some are making big false claims while others are wrongly criticizing the, But few have given them honest reviews about Wealthy Affiliate. Online Earning Mentor is one among them, and you could get more detailed info about Wealthy Affiliate there.

Wealthy Affiliate is actually a training University which trains people on affiliate marketing. If you have just stepped in this filed and don’t know where to take the first step, I believe Wealthy Affiliate is the one that could make your life easier and prevent you from scams. Don’t think it as a money-making platform rather they will only provide you training, tools, and support so that you can build your business slowly but steadily.

The website has over 1 million members’ community which has experts from all niches, and they will support you whenever you want.

Now let’s look at three very important components of Wealthy Affiliate.

1). Training

As a premium member, you will be able to access all the training that will be in the form of video tutorials. It is step by step and user-friendly. Kyle will show you how to do a particular step rather than just telling.

There are two main courses, i.e., Online Certification Course and Affiliate Bootcamp course. In the Online Certification Course, you will be trained on how to make money from Amazon, Clickbank, and another affiliate program. It is a general training that you can apply to every niche. On the other hand in Affiliate Bootcamp course, you will learn how to promote Wealthy Affiliate to other people and make money.

Apart from this, there are weekly webinars and different classrooms where you get yourself updated on the latest marketing concepts.

2). Tools

If we look at the tools, then the most important ones are a keyword research tool, free hosting, and website security features.

Kyle and Carson are also the owners of a keyword research tool, Jaaxy. They have spent over $100,000 just to create this tool. If you become part of the Wealthy Affiliate, you will also be entitled to use Jaaxy in the member’s area. Even if you use this tool on your own, then it will cost you $20 per month for the lowest pricing option.

They will also provide you excellent shared hosting where you can host up to 50 sites. Their uptime is 99.99% with clean up as most of the Wealthy Affiliate members don’t know how to use blackhat practices like PBNs so you wouldn’t face an issue like blacklisted IPs.

Websites that are hosted on their servers they will do regular backups for websites. Also, they have super powerful website security features that can protect your businesses from intruders.

3). Support

They provide you magnificent support to all of their members for knee pads. As the community has more than 1 million members so you can get their support at ease. Even if you like you can contact the owners personally by sending them queries on their emails.

Wherever I need help, they generally replied me within a few hours. Without support it will be very difficult for you to reach at your destination. There are too many false stories out there so getting support from someone who also has achieved success in the past is what we should look for.


Wealthy Affiliate is a fabulous platform where you learn how to start your first dollar online and then scale your business to the next level. They have everything for you to get started. However, to become a premium member, you need $49 per month to become part of this extraordinary system. Apart from this, you need $10 per year for a domain name. This is your cost. When you compare it with the physical business, you need thousands of dollars.

One more thing if you are just thinking that by becoming part of this system you will be able to start earning money automatically then it is your fault. You should invest your time and effort to reach $5k or $10k mark.