With so many options and diverse opportunities, it’d be a worthy idea to indulge your kids into an activity that brings along its long-term benefits such as solving a problem!

No, while everything is going tech-oriented, why not choose something accordingly for making young kids learn via apps and games. For evoking the sense of problem solving, creating your own games and to be better at math, the apps plays a central role

These apps and Scratch programming for kids helps a great deal to master the skill in a fun and amusing way, that too in less time. Certainly, when you take help from technology, things become highly systematic.

Here you can pick up some of the coding apps that will not only make the learning process pretty easy, but also these apps and training courses will make sure you have culled out the right ones.

1. ScratchJr:

ScratchJr app can be taken as the finest example that is the best children friend in view of learning coding. If you want your kids to learn while making the use of apps and games, give them a training course in scratch like ScratchJr!

This app is more suitable for kids of 5-7 ages. With the help of this app, you can learn to design projects and do a lot more that comes under programming creativity. This app is pretty easy to grasp and learning a new skill like codes becomes more like a cinch.

2. Hopscotch: Coding for kids:

This is another ace programming app that leaves no stone unturned to offer your kids the recent knowledge about coding. Besides, its royalty-free availability on iPad and iPhone makes it an in-demand app for most of its users.

If your kid is aged between 7to13 Hopscotch is an absolute choice to learn coding for kids. In addition, this app lets you enable multiple game creation, apps and animation that flourish the coding and programming knowledge to the most.

3. codeSpark Academy: Kids Coding:

To get the best of the best and up-to-date learning experience, this app has made its special appearance for easy code learning. The best part about this app is the game-like interface and user-friendly approach.

Moreover, you get to have a diverse range of computer science concepts that help the kid to learn with even more privileges. The core programming techniques followed by the fun gaming way makes this app a popular one for kids learning.

4. Bee-Bot

Coding isn’t easy to learn, but with Bee-Bot, you get the most innovative approach for your kids for coding, apps and games.  While it’s super easy to use, this app also comes with directional languages and programming.

For making a functional base in programming, this app training course would be the appropriate fit. With the different levels and puzzles and interesting animated cartoons, Bee-Boot is a reliable source to learn coding.

5. Lightbot – Programming Puzzles

This is another worth-noticing app that is pretty much in-demand for quick and efficient learning of coding. Lightbot is a challenging programming puzzle for which it makes the most perfect match for young kids. The simple game-like level makes this app easy to master at. Once you have cleared the level, the difficulty rises and hence you learn more core concepts gradually.

Certainly, you are searching for a reliable and efficient and systematic app that works on the principle of easy code learning. Hence Lightbot programming puzzle app is the appropriate course that goes well in that regard.