Virtual Personal Server has an important role to make your WordPress website improved significantly. By using this service you have more access to the server and control it just like what you want. Before using it, you need to know the specific thing about VPS or Virtual Personal Server. Cyber Host Pro is one of web hosting services which offer this facility. Let’s talk about what they offer for you.

Virtual Personal Server Packages

As a website owner or developer, you need to find the best virtual personal server. As the result, you are able to use the server maximally to achieve your online goals. To make it easy, the provider offers their service in several packages. Let say, if you want to take a server from Cyber Host Pro, there will be 4 different virtual personal server packages. Those are bronze, silver, gold,  and platinum. The package is classified based on the CPU, bandwidth allowance, RAM, an SSD disk space. The bronze package consists of 1 CPU, 500GB bandwidth allowance, 2GB RAM, and 30GB SSD disk space. There is also the most popular and the best package. Most website users are using a server with 5 CPUs, 1.5TB bandwidth allowance, 6GB RAM, and 100GB SSD disk space. If you want the best server to improve your website performance, you can use a server with 9 CPUs, 2.5TB bandwidth allowance, 10GB RAM, and 150GB SSD disk space.

The Cost of the Server Service

The cost of the server is various and it depends on the detail you want to use and the provider. For example, a server with 5 CPUs, 1.5 TB bandwidth allowance, 6GB RAM, and 100GB SSD disk space cost around $64.61 per month. The price is around $25.84 to $116.29 per month. Just read the detail because sometimes the packages include some interesting deals.

The Benefits

After taking one of the packages, you can use the server and get some benefits. The benefit is including the ability to control your own server while developing your WordPress website. The features are upgraded regularly and the system helps you to upgrade the features fast and efficient. Indeed, the performance will be better than before so your website looks greater than before. You can choose the best backup providers just like what you want without any restriction. If there is a minor problem, the system will find and fix it automatically. You can also ask a help to the professional customer support for some complicated problems.

Reseller Hosting Packages

This is the same case with the reseller hosting program. Mostly, the detail is offered in a package so you can choose the best one just like what you need. This server provider offers you three different packages which are reseller 1, reseller 2, and reseller 3. The detail is classified based on the SSD disk space, the total of the domain, and monthly traffic. You have a chance to use a reseller hosting package with 20GB, 40GB, and 60GB SSD disk space. Those packages are offered for unlimited domains and monthly traffic. To use the reseller hosting program, you have to spend around $19.38 to $45.22 per month.