Amongst the majority types of data storage systems, one of the most popular ones is virtual data rooms and cloud storage. One can easily access their data from anywhere and any device. But most of the time, they seem to be confused about which one is suitable for them. Let us first discuss the basic differences between both of them.

VDR, that is a virtual data room can be used for storing personal and important information since they are way more secure than the cloud storage. The users of VDR are provided with the option of tracking the viewers of a particular document. Whereas in cloud storage, anyone can access the file. Due to the greater level of security as well as privacy, VDR can be costlier than cloud storage.

What Are Their Uses & Technical Differences?

If you wish to keep your files private and confidential, then you must use a virtual data room. On the other hand, if you want to spread the link of a document amongst the crowd, then cloud storage will be convenient. Your entire team can easily access the data that is uploaded on the cloud storage and share the necessary changes. If you want to limit the viewers and sharing authentication, then a virtual data room will keep your files secured.

The virtual data rooms are created such that they record the information of every user and visitor. Thus, it allows the owner to have a record. Cloud storage just creates a link for sharing a particular file to the audience.

What are the pros and cons of each of them?

The problems like sharing, connecting, and making multiple copies of a particular file in order to share them is efficiently solved by cloud storage. They provide a good space for storage at a lower rate. SaaS-based forwarding in one of the major advantages of cloud storage. But some of the users also end up in a problem when one of their viewers makes changes or deletes a shared file. Also, an unauthorized person can also get an access to the file.

A virtual data room is the best option when you want to keep all the files and information fully secured. When you share your file, you can control and have a track on who all are able to access and make changes to your file. It may be a bit difficult for a person to understand and start using VDR. Since there are a greater number of options with an added security in VDR, the cost is also higher for the storage space.

How can I identify the one that fits my needs best?

We have seen that both, virtual data room and cloud storage have their pros and cons. The one that you require wholly depends on your requirements. If you often share files with your clients or teammates, then cloud storage will be suitable. On the other hand, if the security of your files is your main concern, then you must go for a virtual data room.