Tripod stands are seen at different places serving different purposes. The main reason for using a tripod stand is to hold things in a steady position using its three legs to provide support. The stand comes in different sizes as a very small tripod stand might not hold the object like cameras properly. The tripod stand is based on its three main features that are legs, plate, and head and every part serve its purpose in its way. Legs divide the weight of the object so it can balance properly whereas the head allows us to move the object to the desire position and the plate works as the base for the object where it is placed. With different purposes, the tripod stand also comes with different prices as tripod stand prices in Sri Lanka are different than in other states.

Camera tripods

Pictures are essential for personal and professional life and to get a perfect picture it is important to have a clear and sharp picture but our hands mostly end up shaking while capturing the perfect moment. Tripod stand helps us to capture a clear picture with its stability and firm grip on the device. To check if the stand is too light for our likeness we can stomp behind the stand and notice if it shakes. While choosing the tripod stand for photography one should consider few factors like the weight of the stand as it might get difficult to carry around if it is too heavy then all the sizes of stand-in every position like the minimum, maximum, and folded height to make sure it is suitable for traveling according to your needs. The Tripod stand also allows the photographer to be part of the picture as the photographer can set the timer and place the camera on the tripod stand and be part of the picture.

Scientific tripods

We have come across different sizes of tripod stand in our science labs. Mostly, the tripod stands are used with Bunsen burner as it holds the things that are supposed to be heated over a Bunsen burner. To see stars and galaxies we use telescopes and scientists use full-size telescopes which are hard to carry on their own so they use tripod stands to place their telescopes on them. The tripod stands use for these purposes is mostly made with wood or steel legs. The right way of placing the telescope is to place the telescope tube to the tripod plate and then place the mount head on the tripod. The ideal tripod stands should be rotating and maneuvering the telescope due to the heaviness of the telescope so the user needs the tripod stand to handle the telescope.

Gun tripods

While shooting a shot the aim and target is the only main thing we look for. The tripod stand makes it possible for the shooter to focus on its target and shoot without the chance of his/her hands shaking and losing the aim. Tripod stands not only provide stability but also carry the weight of the weapon which might not be carried easily by the user. For shooting purposes a portable and easily moveable tripod stand is preferred as the user might have to change their focal point so the ability to pivot and quick movement will be helpful and more ideal for the user.