Averting car accidents is not a hard task when you know the right thing to do while on the road.

Sometimes observing road rules can be seen as an obvious thing, but you will be shocked to experience car accidents while you are on the road. Now that you have taken a driving class, issued with a license and you are ready to hit the road but hold your horse. Do you know how to avoid car accidents?

Many companies and businesses have their own rules and regulations and they clearly recruit divers who have met their requirements. To be a driver at Uber, you must have met the Uber driver requirements.

Several factors can cause car accidents on the road; however, the most widely known major factor is over speeding. However, it is not true neither is it false that all accidents are as a result of over speeding neither are all accidents preventable. The good thing is that you can still follow some simple and easy to follow steps so as to avert car accidents. Many car accidents can be averted and those that are unpreventable, their injury could be decreased.

This article will highlight some important tips that will help you to prevent car accidents.

  1. Ensure your eyes are on the road
    Why get into the car and yet look outside? You know why you are in the car and nothing else should disrupt your attention. Your job is to fic all your two eyes on the road. When in the car, there is no time to multitask, let your legs and arms to multitask as they exchange gears and accelerate. Many at a time you will find a woman driving and at the same time checking their faces on the mirrors, this is not the right time for that! Remember losing concentration while driving is equal to risk your life and others since you will not be ready to respond to what could happen up head.
  2. Driver a safe vehicle
    Today, it’s easier to find out information about the car you are seeking to buy. Therefore, if you are thinking of buying a car, ensure to research well so that you buy one that is highly rated in terms of safety. In fact, sometimes it is advisable to try and buy a big car than small cars, trucks or sport utility cars. In other words, buy a car that you can fit well while in the driver’s seat to enable you to be comfortable and not be distracted by anything else.
  3. Drive slowly while on traffic
    Three things are important while driving in traffic. Stop, Look, Listen! Be watchful of blind spots, such as those in rear view mirrors and behind windshield or road signs. While intersecting as you take a right-hand turn, look left, right, left again the right to ensure there is no incoming car before you proceed. Remember a car can appear from nowhere at a fast speed, therefore, be cautious.
  4. Do not drink and drive
    This is one of the major causes of car accidents on the roads today. Maybe you might think that only one bottle of beer cannot interfere with your mind while driving, but you need to know that the chemical effect whether small or big can affect your brain and thus ruin judgments and response time.Driving under the influence of alcohol can make you lose your license or even lose your life and others. Therefore, it is good to exercise sober driving.
  5. Do not use your cell phone while driving
    This is also another killer cause for car accidents on the road. How much will it cost you just to park your car and make your call then resume driving? What is the essence of making a call while driving? Remember, they say “no one can serve two masters at a time “it’s either you will concentrate on your call and leave the car to drive you or you concentrate on the steering and make your call later. Although you can do both at the same time, there are higher chances of causing car accidents. It distracts your attention. Ensure you put it far from your reach and it is off so that it doesn’t ring to distract your attention.