1. Linksys AC1900 Max-Stream EA7500

The Linksys is manufactured in an amazing and sleek black ninja design, which is blended in the dark. But its performance is more classy than its design. The blueGadgetToot has tested this router and concluded that if there are multiple devices attached to this router, the speed of the internet will remain constant. This router is perfect for large homes, where you need to use the internet in every corner of the home. Parents can control the internet usage of children, no big installation process required for it. 

2. Netgear Nighthawk X6 R8000

The design of the Netgear Nighthawk is like an alien. It has 6 retractable antennas, which are offering the options for adjustment to help you in getting good signals. This router can support up to 600Mbps internet on the 802.11n band and up to 1.4Gbps speed on 5.0 GHz. The purpose of manufacturing this router is to handle the IoT. It can handle lots of devices at a time. This is the reason it is considered the best router for Verizon FiOS. Once you turn on this router the installation will start automatically. It is a tricky band router and updates the network map regularly.

3. TP-Link AC1750 Router

If you are looking for the economical Verizon Fios router then you should go with the TP-Link AC 1750 router. It has amazing and plenty of features that are not comparable with the price. BlueGadgetTeam has proved that in this router you can get lots of benefits if you are paying for it. No doubt it is not as powerful as other routers, but it does a great job. Only 10 minutes required to complete the setup process of the TP-Link. 

4. Google WIFI Router OnHub AC1900

The design of this router is somehow different from other routers. It seems like fresh air in the world of alien ninja routers. It has 1 LAN port, 1 USB port, and 1 WAN port. So it means you can’t share it with multiple devices via the wire. It has the 1.4 GHz processor with the RAM of 1 GB. The setup process is very convenient and can be done on any type of OS I.e. windows, android and IOs. you need to install the app or desktop software for the installation process. 

5. Verizon Fios Gateway AC1750

As you can read the name, this router is specially manufactured and designed for the customer of Verizon Fios. The installation process of the Verizon Fios Gateway is very easy, just need to make one call to the operator then the setup will be installed automatically. The BlueGadgetTooth team has installed this router and few while they have tested on the router. The router delivers an amazing speed. The last thing this router is not much costly so you can save your money, as well as it provides the high range or signals. 


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