Data science career opportunities are expected to advance in the coming times. As data spread through our lives & companies are making an effort to have skillful Data Scientists who will continue to progress in either small-scale or large-scale businesses. 

Some of the giant names such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Apple, PayPal, & IBM among others are the companies which are competing with one another to hire the Data Scientists.

A career in Data Science or grabbing the best of the skills in data science can transform your career way ahead. There are different data science course in pune which helps you to choose your career. But as we know, things do take time after you have mastered R, Python, & SQL, & other important savvy skills.

Time is fully developed to upscale in Big Data Analytics & Data Science to avail the benefits of a career in Data Science. To find a job takes effort and time too! And finding the perfect job for you also takes time, knowledge, and your efforts. 

The very first step in finding out what career you want to pursue. Which is the appropriate path for you?

To have the answers to these questions must be the first stride in your job journey of data science. So, this article will be worth going through to explore all you! 

Particularly, here, we’ll be seeing the various job descriptions and titles that be the choices for you, in case you are looking to switch your careers. Applying data science in your current job can do wonders.

While Switching Careers: In Data Science Opportunities, What are the Available Job Titles?

The maiden step to search for any job is to identify the job types you must look for. In the data science field, this quickly gets complex for the following reasons:

  1. Any “data analyst” or “data scientist” definition is not defined universally, to which each of the companies nods their head. Therefore, various positions with the exactly similar title might require sets of different skills.
  2. There are an abundance of differently generally-used job titles which includes work of data science that you may not figure out if you’re only for “data scientist” or “data analyst” roles.


The Big “3” includes: Data Analyst, Data Engineer, and Data Scientist

Data Analyst

The average salary is $68,752

This is usually contemplated as the position of “entry-level” in the field of data science; though not all the data analyst are having lower designation plus salaries can widely differ.

Data Scientist

The average salary is $128,173

What is a data scientist?

Data scientists perform many of the same tasks like data analysts, however, they also usually create models of machine learning to accurately make predictions regarding future based on data from the past. 

Often, a data scientist has much more freedom to chase his/her experiment & ideas for finding out interesting trends and patterns in the data, which the management might not have speculated about.

As a data scientist, you might also be questioned to determine what marketing strategies changes can affect the bottom line of your company. This would result in bulk of work related to data analysis field (cleaning, acquiring, and visualizing data). 

Skills required: 

  • Strong understanding of machine learning in the field of both supervised and unsupervised.
  • Solid understanding of the capability to estimate the statistical models and a strong understanding of the statistics.
  • Should have enhanced skills in the programming of data science in R, or Python, and likely to be familiar with the tool such as Apache Spark.

  Career expectations: 

If anyone is working as the data scientist, then your next job position might be of they (Senior)Sr. Data Scientist; this position will make you earn around $20,000 plus per year on an average. You can also prevail while having specialization in models of machine learning as the machine learning engineer, which will result in having a higher salary. 

Further, you can proceed further in the direction of management with specific roles such as the top data scientists. If you desire to have utmost earnings, your absolute goal may lead to a role in C-Suite like chief data officer – though these specific roles need management skills & might not include that much work daily.

Data Engineer

The average salary is $132,653

What do you mean by data engineer? 

A data engineer controls the infrastructure of the company’s data. Their job requires more software development and very less statistical analytics and more of the programming skills. 

A data engineer is responsible for maintaining and building the building and is also required to quickly access and store the previous data.

 Alternative Job Titles in Data Science

While data engineer, data scientists, and data analysts widely illustrate various roles of the data experts, so, there are a range of different job titles which you will witness are directly related to these specific roles or are else they include the usage of the skills in data science. Below-mentioned are the job titles which you might want to consider, when in search of employment:

  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Quantitative Analyst
  • Data Warehouse Architect
  • Business Intelligence Analyst
  • Statistician: 
  • System Analyst
  • Business Analyst
  • Marketing Analyst
  • Operations Analyst

 These are a few of the data science opportunities which will make the graph of your career grow exponentially high with a progressive degree.


  • Average Salary: $93,589
  • Job Requirements: Analyze, interpret, & Information of report statistical like business purposes data and formulas.
  • Famous Companies: Paypal, Google.

Machine Learning Scientist


  • Average Salary: $139,840
  • Job Requirements: Research brand new data algorithms and approaches.
  • Famous Companies: Tinder, Apple

Machine Learning Engineer

  • Average Salary: $114,826
  • Job Requirements: Can deliver the best software solution, and can create the data funnels.
  • FamousCompanies: Uber, LinkedIn, and Nike

Data Architect

  • Average Salary: $137, 630
  • Job Requirements: Make sure the data solutions are made for the performance & applications of design analytics for various platforms.
  • Famous Companies: AAA Club Alliance, IBM

Application Architect:

  • Average Salary: $134,520
  • Job Requirements: Should know how to track apps’ behavior that used in a business
  • Famous Companies: Oracle

Enterprise Architect

  • Average Salary: $161, 272
  • Job Requirements: Knowledge of IT assets; should know about stakeholders and management
  • Famous Companies: Microsoft, Cisco

What are Data Sciences’ Educational Requirements?

Data Science’ educational requirements amongst the IT industries are the most extreme one! Approximately 40% of these posts in today’s date require a person to go and grab a leading degree. 

Even, there are special resources in learning online data science; let’s say, the education providers such as Simplilearn which even offers online data science training – courses which are very much focussed on the career.

These special courses authorize you to have deep knowledge regarding the most contemporary skills plus the technologies which are used by data scientists like R, Hadoop, Tableau, SAS, Machine Learning, Python, and a lot more.

You can do data science course in Pune as Data Scientists Jobs are highly in demand!


It’s known that the experts of Data Science are required in nearly every field, right from dating apps to government security. Hundreds and thousands of the government sectors and businesses are dependent on the big data to have a success rate and they focus more on serving better to their customers.

A career in Data Science has become the hotspot and this particular trend will not be frozen, any time soon. The future of data science is indeed very bright as its work will probably be automated, considering the next 10 years.