In today’s packaging industry, there are plenty of different packaging materials available. Ranging from plastic bottles to glass jars and aluminum tins; there is a suitable packaging for every type of product. When we speak about cosmetic packaging, the traditional cosmetic jars and plastic pump bottles have always been the go-to option for soring lotion and creams. This is, however, slowly changing due to the rise of a new type of packaging: airless bottles. Airless pump bottles are still relatively unknown in today’s packaging industry, however, their popularity is rising rapidly. When you have a closer look at what airless bottles are and what benefits they bring along, it’s no surprise they are becoming increasingly popular.

Unlike the traditional plastic pump and spray bottles that feature an internal tube spray mechanism, airless bottles operate by means of a non-pressurized vacuum dispensing mechanism. This unique mechanism features a disc that is located at the bottom of the bottle. This disc slowly moves up every time you press the pump, causing the product to move up along with it. As a result, a little bit of product will be dispensed through the pump every time you press your bottle. This revolutionary non-pressurized and airless pump mechanism brings along countless of benefits in terms of user experience as well as product preservation.

Below, we have listed down the main benefits of airless pump bottles that show why anybody should consider moving away from their traditional pump and spray bottles. These benefits over regular cosmetic bottles clearly show why airless pump bottles do not only offer a more convenient user experience, but that they are also better for the products stored inside.

Less packaging and no product waste

Waste is a big issue in today’s world. Whether it comes in the form of physical packaging or material waste in the form of wasting products by not finishing them completely, our behavior has a major impact on the environment. Luckily, airless bottles help to solve both issues by reducing material and product waste through their unique dispensing mechanism and design.

Because of the non-pressurized design, airless pump bottles no longer require the internal plastic tube pump mechanism. This on it self already reduces the materials used to craft these bottles significantly compared to traditional bottles. Besides, the bottles are often made of much more durable materials in order to give them a high-end look. Not only does this improve their appearance, but also their durability. Thanks to the fact that most airless bottles feature a reusable design, you can refill the bottles time after time. This allows you to cut down your packaging waste significantly.

The disc mechanism inside of airless bottles furthermore guarantees that no product remains inside of the bottle unused. Unlike with traditional pump bottles that often leave behind a lot of product around the sides and bottom due to the fact that the pump cannot reach everything, airless bottles dispense 100% of the product inside. Thanks to this, you no longer have to struggle by opening up your traditional bottle and using a tool to scrape out the left over lotion or cream. Airless pump bottles offer a convenient user experience and allow you to use every last drip of product without ever having to unscrew the cap. This furthermore brings along the added benefit that external air and moist won’t enter your packaging while you try to empty your bottle. As a result, you can be guaranteed that your creams and lotions stay of the highest quality up until the very end.

A vacuum and gravity-free design

Naturally, the main benefit of airless packaging can be found in its vacuum design. Thanks to this unique design, airless bottles make sure that external air and moist won’t get in contact with the product stored inside. This is important as some product such as sensitive and organic lotions, creams, and serums may lose their effectiveness once they get in contact with the external environment. As a result, airless bottles help preserve the quality of the product stored inside for a much longer period of time. This simultaneously will result in a much longer shelf life of the products. Thanks to the unique vacuum design of these bottles, you can be guaranteed that the product remains of the same quality from the day the bottle was filled up until the day the very last drop is being used. This benefit is what sets airless packaging apart and is what makes them extremely popular not only in the cosmetic but also in the medical industry.

The airless design of the bottles bring along an other added benefit, which is that the bottles are internally completely gravity free. As a result, the end-user is able to use the bottles in any position imaginable. Whereas traditional pump bottles can only be used when they are standing up-right, airless bottles can be used in any position. No matter if you keep the bottle left, right, sideways, or upside down; it will always dispense the product with the same strength. This feature allows your customer to fully utilize the bottle by getting out every last bit of product. Besides, it furthermore increases the user experience of the end-user as she no longer has to worry about holding the bottle in the right position in order to get the product out.