Without a good and clean kitchen, you can never think of liking a house, bathroom, bedrooms and kitchens are the core of any house, anything apart from them is luxury.

Keeping your kitchen clean and up to date is quite essential, psychologically speaking, in a clean kitchen people tend to feel less burden and the tendency for working is increased. Same goes for other parts of the house. For instance, the wood burning stove in your house, will look better and will add more value to your meals, if it is in good condition.

The most important thing which every house maker, must keep in mind while building a house, is the type of tiles used in the making of kitchen. You can not have the same types of tiles which you had in your bathrooms. Textured tiles are highly recommended for kitchen as they are not very slipper, Spanish tiles are also quite famous for creating a welcoming look for your kitchen.

The best part about my kitchen is its space, there are numerous cabinets in my kitchen, and I have got every article, tool and accessory in my kitchen.

For every house, its kitchen is the garage and exhaust. In this article we will see what sort of items you must keep in your kitchen. it is a sort of checklist you can add up more items if you like.

1.    Exhaust and Ventilation

You will have to make sure that the house you buy, or build has got a kitchen with a lot of windows and exhaust otherwise, you may feel choked up while cooking your favorite dish.

2.    Knife Sharpener

You cannot work with an old knife and buying new knives every month is not possible, you must keep a knife sharpener, which can also be used for sharpening other blades at home.

3.    The Modern Utensils

You must keep all sort of nonstick pans and pots, they are more reliable and easier to handle. You will not have to fight tough stains.

Along with non-stick pans, keep a cast iron pan as well. you may think that I have gone crazy, but most of the times when the meat is tough to cook, then you must use these pans because they are better conductors of heat, thus cooking your food faster than non-stick pans.

4.    The Cooking Tools

You must buy, a bottle opener, because even though we do not have those type of bottles now, which were quite difficult to open, but still you may need it someday.

Buy a chopper and food factory, which will include a blender and juicer.

5.    Cleaning Accessories

You must have a cleaning box, just like a toolbox, keep detergents, surface cleaners and various sponges in it. keep updating this box, because without having a clean kitchen you can not think of healthy food.

6.    Machines

An oven, microwave and dishwasher, blender and juicer are now an integral part of every modern kitchen. Make sure that you have got all of them otherwise you will not be able to cook contemporary foods.