What makes successful entrepreneurs rely upon reseller web hosting? It’s the cost efficiency, expediency, and balancing that makes it a success and a significant term. Reseller web hosting is a product through which the owner is able to manage the bandwidth, cPanel, drive space, and other useful monitoring tools. It lets the owner host multiple websites on behalf of third parties, making the web hosting reseller a kind of agent who resells products and services to companies. It’s easy, logical, and there is negligible investment included.

How is reselling web hosting a good business scheme? Let’s learn more about managed reseller hosting deals here.

Reselling hosting is now spreading like fire these days. It’s a trouble-free approach to make way through the hosting business. Since there is a minimal investment, you can set up your own web hosting company and expand it on your own will. The best thing about this business is that the upstream host takes care of the server maintenance, hardware setup, software upgrade, etc. You need not to be an expert to be in this business. Though easy, it’s a competitive business to handle.

If you want to buy reseller hosting, there are some tips you must consider twice-

Control Panel and WHW (Web Host Manager)

The most significant thing to consider while buying reseller hosting is the control panel and WHW. A control panel is highly mandatory. cPanel is widely considered for any reseller and non-reseller account. Also, web host manager helps you in managing your customers and hosting business. It helps you in setting up, monitoring, and deleting web hosting accounts.

Better Uptime Score

It’s wise to check the host’s uptime score. It’s an essential thing to go for an all-time working web host that functions on strong servers and steady network connections. Your minimum Uptime score must be above 99.5%. It will lead to negative customer reviews if the uptime score goes below this point, so it’s highly mandatory for you to check the uptime score of the reseller hosting you want to purchase.

Customizable Packages

Every client has an exclusive requirement and personal taste. Thus, it’s essential that you buy a customized package where every plan must have assigned bandwidth, disk space, and emails with several domains. There must be customizations available for everything in your reselling hosting, so that you can easily manage it on your own. Also, go for a parent host that allows you to have an option for upgrading as well.

Private Name Servers and Dedicated IP address

If you don’t want people to know about the parent hosting company, then private name servers and dedicated IP address is very important. If you don’t have these two significant options, you’ll have to use the parent hosting company’s name. You wouldn’t want people to search for the original hosting company if you want them to search your name. To hide this, you must check if the reseller hosting you intend to buy lets you create your own private name servers. Generally, companies offer reseller packages with an option for private name servers and dedicated IP address. But it’s wise to ask them before you buy your package.

Regular Upholding

For anything to work better and longer, they need regular maintenance. The original web host must check for timely hardware setup, server maintenance, pushing software updates, and put security measures into action. To make sure the operating servers are performing well all the time, buy hosting that comes up with DDOS mitigation services, custom firewall configuration, and Hyper availability (H/A).

Efficient Customer Support

Never buy a reseller hosting that doesn’t offer you a sound customer support 24*7. It’s obvious to expect a 24 hours support and valuable response from the support desk. Make sure the reseller web hosting you are buying gives you fully active customer support 24*7 without fail. And they must address and fix your problem effectively.


The best way to start your own web hosting business is to buy an efficient reseller hosting package from a certified hosting company that lets you start your company without purchasing or installing any additional software. Always read the terms and conditions before purchasing your reseller hosting so that you are aware of what you are buying.

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