More than ever, people are looking to connect their careers with their life passion. While traditional 9 to 5 jobs may allow us to make a decent income, jobs that spark inspiration, help others, and engage are interests can be even more valuable. For people interested in joining the medical field, there are many different options available that don’t require you to become a doctor. 

Some of the best medical professions can be achieved by gaining certifications, going back to school, or by being adequately trained. 

The fitness and health movement is also gaining traction in the healthcare industry. Employee benefit programs, for example, now prioritize preventative health by giving their employees access to gyms and free health services. This not only reduces insurance costs and expenses but also helps to create a more productive and happy workforce.

Another benefit of finding one of the best medical professions as a career is that there are many ways to get involved. As a result, you’ll also be able to better the lives of others and make the lives of doctors and nurses less stressful. 

So, if you have a passion for health, then read on to learn about the best medical professions in 2019. 

Passion and Career: Best Medical Professions in 2019

Obesity is a modern epidemic that is associated with a wide range of health problems. For example, obesity is correlated with diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure. 

These conditions can be fatal and they can also greatly impact one’s quality of life.

For many people who are obese, willpower isn’t the issue. But, rather a lack of education, skills, and support. Stress can also be a factor that leads to obesity. 

Our culture and the foods on the market are also to blame. Technology may also be a contributing factor to obesity because of sitting for long periods of time and not exercising. And, since many of us work desk jobs, sitting can sometimes be unavoidable. 

But, there are many careers in the medical field that can help to improve the healthcare system and patient care. Explore the following best medical professions in 2019 to see which is right for you. 

1. Dentist

Many people associate the dentist with filling cavities and giving us a pearly white smile. But, all digestion starts in the mouth when we chew our food. By having strong, healthy teeth we also can improve our overall health. 

This is because the health status of our teeth affects the food we can eat. And, since fibrous foods like apples are more difficult to chew than processed foods like donuts, we need our teeth to have the best health possible.

2. Dietitians 

To become a dietitian, you need to have a four-year degree from a university. Dietitians can diagnose, treat, and suggest treatment plans for specific health conditions. For example, they can help to treat Crohn’s disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes through diet. 

3. Chiropractors

Chiropractors require a specialized degree to practice. Chiropractors use spinal manipulation to treat conditions without the need for invasive surgeries. By doing so, they can help people to improve the patient’s range of motion, relieve pain, and even reduce migraines.

They can also help to treat back, arm, neck, and leg pain which are common in our modern society.

4. Medical Coders

Medical coders translate procedures, equipment, and diagnoses into universal medical codes. These codes affect billing and information on patient records. Medical coders also create claims which are then paid by insurance. 

The medical coder job is essential to any health care organization. Without them, the doctors and healthcare facility would not get paid for their medical services and time treating patients. 

5. Health Coach

Health coaching is a new and emerging field. Health coaches can assist in bettering the health of people with general health concerns. For example, they can offer support and guidance to generally healthy individuals who want to lose weight. 

The health coach is helpful for educating patients and providing support and accountability. They can be found in clinics, hospitals, or they can be self-employed. 

6. Physician Assistant

A physician assistant is a licensed medical professional who is able to treat and diagnose patients. They can also prescribe medications and create treatment plans. A physician assistant can also offer patients lower health costs than a physician can.

A physician assistant will have a supervising physician in order to practice, but exactly what a physician assistant is allowed to do depends on the laws in each state.

7. Speech-Language Pathologist

Being able to communicate and swallow properly is taken for granted by many. But, for people with swallowing disorders and speech problems, communicating can be a challenge. A speech-language pathologist is able to treat individuals with these problems to improve their quality of life and their health. 

They work with people who have experienced brain injuries, who have dyslexia, and other conditions that affect one’s ability to swallow and speak efficiently. They can work in healthcare settings or work at schools and in rehabilitation centers. 

8. Physical Therapists

Physical therapists treat individuals who are experiencing mobility issues resulting from a medical condition or an injury. They treat patients using therapeutic exercise techniques, massage, and teaching patients how to effectively use medical equipment.

By becoming a physical therapist, you can also help people to avoid the need for surgery and taking various prescriptions.  

Best Medical Professions: Taking the First Step

Before you can make one of the best medical professions in 2019 your career, you’ll need to first take action. To take the first step towards changing your career, you’ll need to conduct online research to determine the specific requirements for entering each field. 

You’ll also need to discover which educational programs and certifications are accredited and considered high-quality. 

Complete this research and begin to take action as soon as possible. Doing so when you feel inspired and are ready for a fresh start can help to turn your dreams into reality. 

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